Insurance Entrepreneur Turns Three Startups into Successes

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 23, 2019 / Ramiz Hakim is what some people might call an insurance entrepreneur. He is a businessman who specializes in selling insurance. His main area of expertise is selling final expense life insurance policies. These are a little bit different than normal life insurance policies because they cover the costs of the funeral and final expenses of your loved one.

When Hakim got into this business, he didn’t want to be an insurance agent who worked for another company. Instead, he wanted to create his own unique insurance agency and hire other insurance agents to work with him. That way, he could training agents to make more money in commissions from the sales generated by his training. This seemed to be a smarter way to go, and it proved to be very profitable for him.

Final expense life insurance often gets overlooked when people prepare for their final days. Ordinary life insurance goes to specific family members, according to what the loved one’s wishes were. That doesn’t always guarantee that the next of kin will be in line to receive benefits from the life insurance policy. The only thing they’ll be next in line for are the funeral and final expenses of their deceased loved one.

In most cases, family members won’t have the money to pay for these expenses that are left to them. Funerals can cost thousands of dollars, and final expenses can add up to tens of thousands of dollars, if not more. If the next of kin is not the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, then they’re going to be financially strapped. But a final expense life insurance policy can prevent the next of kin from falling into financial ruin over the death of their loved one. It will pay for all the costs associated with this death.

Hakim didn’t have very much startup funds when he created his final expense telesales organization, North Star Insurance Advisors. It only took him a couple of short years to turn his organization from nothing to becoming worth millions. Now it is the largest independent seller of final expense insurance policies by means of telephone. Hakim’s secret for success involves some innovative technology in the fields of sales, marketing, and servicing clients via the phone.

Hakim did work as an insurance executive before starting his own company. The experience he acquired from his executive days gave him the confidence to start North Star Insurance Advisors. He utilized a unique sales organizational structure for the company, which he calls “Responsibility Rationing.” By using this creative sales method, Hakim was able to manage three individual insurance startup companies and turn them into financial successes.

When he is not working diligently at running his startup companies, Hakim focuses on his family and participating in all kinds of charitable activities. He and his wife, Rachel, have adopted four beautiful children who they think of as their own. The couple likes to run their local Food Pantry together. Hakim sits on the board of several nonprofit organizations and is a member of his local government’s Planning and Zoning Commission.

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