3 Ways That Technology Is Increasing Productivity in the Workplace

By Dan Munson

Are you scared of new technologies and innovations? If so, these are the things that are holding your business back. It’s time that you unease your full business potential to profit from increased productivity. Failing to incorporate new technologies and innovations are the things that are affecting your profits. In fact, your business is slipping further from where you expect it to be towering. 

Adopt Technologies That Boost Your Team’s Productivity

As an organization, you can use technology to boost your productivity in many different ways. For instance, data management, automation and andon system programs have an instant effect on the workplace. Using the right computing solutions to enjoy a monumental impact on the business. Focus on future technologies that are more productive.

How Technology Increases Your Workplace Productivity

Access to information

Invest in a reliable network with a multifaceted approach and advanced security measures. Back up your data and improve your processes constantly. The network stability is an important feature that guarantees your staff have quick access to essential data. 

Besides, access to information boosts your employee satisfaction and engagement. It can be frustrating not being able to access vital information when a potential client is requesting that data because of dogmatic systems. As an organization or company, invest in a secure high-quality VPN that enables your team to access to your network. 

Your team should be able to get the relevant information round the clock to reduce frustrations and save time. Have all your systems at a centralized and secure location to ensure your team is not bouncing back and forth between systems to get the information they require. Ensure everything your staff needs to discharge their duties is available instantly. 

Use the best technology that offers your customers better service and saves them time to avoid frustrations. Better technology means better customer experience and more productivity. 


Use technology to boost productivity by incorporating collaboration software. Collaboration software like Microsoft Teams, Slack, or G-Suite provides everything in one environment. Your team members can plan, discuss, and execute workflows. The programs have all the tools you need in one place, and all relevant parties can access them anytime. 

The tools boost productivity by helping your staff communicate with each other about the projects. Note that some people are uncomfortable speaking in one-on-one situations but can express themselves in a chat environment as they are less anxious and can share their thoughts easily. 

Collaboration tools minimize meetings, which often drains business time. 15% of total time in most organizations is spent preparing for meetings and attending meetings.   Introducing a collaboration tool eliminates unnecessary meetings, and the team simply sends an email. The technology saves your organization plenty of time and encourages employees to communicate more often, even if it’s online. 

Customer service

Liking your CRM solution to your team devices is a good way to increase productivity. The technology gives your staff automatic access to customer information. This reduces time wastage spend searching for the same information. In turn, your customers are satisfied with your service and are likely to refer your business to their friends. Aim to give your customers less wait time by linking your CRM to the network through the company portal, intranet, or other custom solutions. 

About 60% of CMOs agree that they are not fully utilizing their data to full potential. The CRM technology changes that as your team learn more about the customer and can attend to them better and faster to solve their problems. As a result, you have satisfied customers and increased productivity, which is an added bonus. 


Use technology to protect your long-term growth plan by incorporating the best tools and systems in your organization or company. This can act as a roadmap to a workplace evolution. The software offers amazing benefits, and it’s important to be up-to-date with new technologies that can boost your productivity. Minimize wastage and increase efficiency in data access and management by opting for better solutions and tools.  

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