Data Center Colocation Facilities Are Improvising Spaces, Providing Better Connections To Their Customers

By Koyel Ghosh

Data Center colocations, along with providing rented space for servers and computing hardware, are also trying to support their customer’s business initiatives by offering managed services.  The space in this facility is rented for racks, cabinets, rooms, and cage. Major companies, therefore, are taking measures to increase the racks and make them more beneficial for themselves and their customers. CyrusOne opts for Megaport, expanding their partnership as service providers. Digital realty enlarges the IBM cloud’s direct link access in Sydney. CND77 has opted for Maincubes data operator as the colocation partner to establish a point of presence (PoP) in Frankfurt, Germany. As colocation hosting allows small and large operators install their hired or rented servers at a data center service provider’s location, the market is rising rapidly. According to a report by Allied Market Research, the global data center colocation market is expected to reach $51.8 billion in 2020, and will experience significant growth in the next five years.

The following are certain measures taken by the companies for evolving data center colocation:

CyrusOne opts for Megaport into London I Data Centre:

Elastic connectivity ensures flexibility for connectivity operations and market players are reaping the benefits of it. CyrusOne, a real estate investment trust (REIT), has recently informed about its enlarged partnership with Megaport Limited, an IT service management company, as a service provider. Megaport services will be positioned at CyrusOne’s I data center in Slough, the U.K. Since CyrusOne has provided the access to the global ecosystem of many global CSPs, it will be beneficial for the customers of the company to enjoy on-demand connections by the leading CSPs directly.

The customers of CyrusOne can order scale and control services in real-time. Also, customers can optimize new services based on their requirements. The increased bandwidth configuration helps to manage traffic growth as it is available from 1Mbps to 100Gbps, consuming less time to adjust. Apart from the adjustment of bandwidth, the solution proves to be cost-effective for data transfer especially for large volumes of data. The solution is useful for other factors including time-based workloads, business continuity, disaster recovery situations, high-performance applications, and workload portability. The automatic fail-over offers the customers a secures and protected connection.

Digital Realty to expand IBM clouds in Sydney:

With advancement in technologies and innovations, companies are stepping ahead towards expanding their operations. Digital Realty expands the IBM cloud’s direct link access providing its customers to establish virtual connections. Digital Realty, a real estate and trust company and a partner of IBM has recently declared that IBM Cloud’s Direct Link access and capabilities will be expanded in Sydney. This expansion will help to raise the hybrid cloud adoption by the customer base. Now, the customers can access the IBM cloud direct link service through Digital Realty’s center campus.

The new service provides high-speed access to the IBM cloud along with 10Gbps speed. The IBM cloud data center is located on the Digital Realty campus, further decreasing latency for high performance use cases. With the help of the IBM cloud direct link, the customers can establish virtual connections along with strengthening the value of the hybrid application in the company’s data centers.

According to the company, working with IBM helps in rectifying the problems of managing workloads across various cloud services and infrastructure. Presently, Digital Realty has nine global locations for utilizing low-latency colocation, which is privately connected to IBM cloud through the IBM direct link dedicated hosting offering.

NEXTDC’s Micro data center, Microsite in Perth:

 The companies are improving infrastructures to promote connections. Since NEXTDC’s 20MW P2 Perth data center is under construction, they have built a P2 microsite, to enable immediate critical communications infrastructure. It will be a place for the partners, to collocate and run their service.

NEXTDC, an Australian data center operator plots its first micro data center in Western Australia (WA). The microsite will be hosting interconnection services. Designed by the operator’s house engineering and design team it acts fully autonomous interconnected and combined telco room, which is filled with racks to enable connectivity to service providers and telecommunication partners. The Microsite is a prefabricated standalone site that is developed for UTI Tier IIIstandards. The P2 microsite will be supporting for the connectivity providers based in WA delivering required connectivity among public cloud services, metro, and national and international links. The custom is situated in its own permanent location within the P2 hyper-scale build, having fibre access infrastructure enabled to connect local WA partners.

Superloop becomes the onboard customer, that will offer Singapore to Perth, and Perth to Sydney subsea cable networks services from p2 sites directly.

The colocation service providers in the industry are accepting expansion plans to address the increasing demand for colocation data centers from other industry uprights. Companies are taking initiatives to providing improvised facilities to their customers.  Apart from enlarging racks the other factors including cloud computing and virtualization are also bringing opportunities in the market.

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