Rapid Product Launches Pave the Way for Bright Future of Edge Analytics

By Swamini Kulkarni

The rapid advancements in industries present us with new opportunities to positively affect the world around us. Everything from improving air quality to reducing traffic congestion, with advanced technologies, we can measure the world with a new sensibility and more accurately. The technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) offered a colossal amount of data and analyzing it to understand the definitive patterns became a Herculean task. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and edge analytics, we can make real-time decisions at the point where devices connect to the network.

The sheer size and speed of the data collected by various IoT devices can strain even the sturdiest network infrastructure. In business operations where latency cannot be tolerated, delays caused by bandwidth congestion could cause serious problems. However, edge analytics offered the perfect solution for such issues. Edge analytics or AKA distributed analytics is the collection, processing, and analysis of the data right at the edge of a network or close to a sensor. With the ever-growing popularity of connected devices, several industries are creating a vast amount of data and using edge analytics, such data can be analyzed in real-time. Rather than developing centralized systems where the infinite data is sent back to the data warehouse to analyzed, edge analytics offers a seamless and time-saving way.

Recently Sony Australia launched its new edge analytics solution that helps create high-quality video content and Nanotron Technologies unveiled 360° edge analytics solution that offers business insights from location sensors in real-time. In other news, Accenture launched another edge analytics platform to simplify the transformation through AI. Such rapid product launches have boosted the growth of the edge analytics industry. According to Allied Market Research, the global edge analytics market is projected to reach $10.03 billion by 2023, registering a CAGR of 29.2% from 2017 to 2023.

Accenture launched Applied Intelligence Platform

Accenture is known to incorporate the latest technologies in its ecosystem, and edge analytics is the next big thing for the company. Accenture recently launched its Applied Intelligence Platform for its clients to offer them a simpler way to transform the enterprise through AI. The novel platform enables organizations to apply pre-configured self-learning industry solution without the need for skilled data science experts.

Accenture’s platform is developed on its another proven Accenture Insight Platform, which has offered several analytics applications incorporating machine learning and deep learning. Now, the platform would integrate these capabilities with edge analytics and IoT services along with access to more than 350 data sources. With the help of this platform, clients would be less dependent on specific technologies and tool owned by several technology providers.

Mike Sutcliff, the group chief executive, Accenture Digital, stated, “With this platform, we can offer our client AI-powered transformation at scale and they can systematically seamless use AI across their operations, from edge to the cloud’. He added that the platform leverages AI to drive unprecedented growth and unlock new insights within the reach of every organization.

Nanotron launched 360° edge analytics

Nanotron Technologies GmbH, the company that specializes in sensor and location data analytics, has unveiled new products named 360° edge analytics that offers actionable business insights from real-time sensors and location data. Moreover, the company unveiled new location-aware wireless sensors that are fitting for mining, healthcare, and manufacturing. The new product is developed to bridge the gap between a raw sensor & location data and business applications by extract event information automatically in real-time. The extracted data is transformed into actionable and powerful insights.

The new 360° Edge Analytics solution is an entire portfolio of analytics tools and a new line of location-based wireless sensors suitable for different verticals. It processes a vast amount of data collected by location-based sensors that are able to send their locations for distributed data acquisition including sensing gases across various areas in the mining industry. According to the CEO of Nanotron, Dr. Jens Albers, the edge analytics brings true real-time performance with minimum latency location-awareness to the industrial internet of things (IIoT) and the 360° Edge Analytics offers panoramic visibility of events that are related to assets, people, vehicles, and other machines.

Sony Australia launched AI-based video solution

Sony Australia recently unveiled REA-C1000, its first AI-based video and display solution that offers machine learning technology to create video content. According to the company, this edge analytics solution can create video content in real-time without involving skilled professional and heavy equipment.

REA-C1000 uses advanced AI technology to analyze the input received from connecting cameras to extract the object in focus and combine it with other images. The technology uses motion/face detection and shape/color recognitions to create professional content. According to Sony Australia, the video content has become prominent and now recognized as a vital mode of communication and REA-C1000 solution help create high-quality content without any hassle and prior experience.  

Swamini Kulkarni holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and works as a content writer. She is deeply fascinated by technological advancements and the trending topic in the world. When she is not glued to the computer, she loves to read, travel, and spend time thinking about how she could read and travel more often.

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