Bug Tracking Software- A Key to Proactivity, Efficiency and the Ultimate Success

By Koyel Ghosh

Well, when it comes to delivering high quality products, bug tracking is certainly one of those significant aspects a software company should never give a lighter note to. Even some tiniest of issues in coding and design can lead to improper results. A good bug tracking process would not only perk up the overall acquiescence stance of your company, but would also help you acquire a robust band of unswerving clientele. Aiding you in staying ahead of the competition, a good bug tracking system can actually pave the way for higher profit margin and crop up quality-oriented teams.

This post is going to unleash quite a few major benefits this system provides

Lining up bugs and detecting issues, a bug tracking software helps to pick out repetitive issues and makes the concerned team focus on major problems. Instead of wasting time on petty or insignificant issues, focusing on acute and high-priority bugs is really important to perk up the team’s productivity. And, there would probably be no better alternative than a bug tracking system for the same. This way, it tends to play a crucial role in enhancing ROI (Return on Investment) by lessening the cost of development.

With in-app chat, email reports and task alliance, a quality bug tracking software would keep the workforce in the same loop. When you can disperse right properties and resources to assess or resolve on bugs, you can also create space for better collaboration among employees. Ease of access, prior evaluation and bug reports would wipe away communication gaps and make room for clarity as well as liability. Accordingly, everyone in the team will remain well-aware of the overall progress, coupled with the entire project plan toward the common business objective.

Also, when it comes to improved service and customer satisfaction, there is again no replacement for a strong bug tracking tool. Allowing users to delineate problems right on their applications, bug tracking software makes it easier for the common issues to be perfectly analyzed and fixed through product modifications. And, the specialty of this great tech lies in the fact that most of the tools are depicted in such a way that one doesn’t need any special training for using it. Doling out automated retorts to end users, it makes sure they get easy updates and the perfect status of development through notifications. And, it doesn’t end here, as it also offers enhanced and pertinent service to customers by entitling propositions and feedbacks. So, it can definitely be proclaimed that a good bug tracking software is full of every potential to ensure happy and content customers.

Last but not the least; one of the prime advantages of using a bug tracking software is that it lets organizations keep an eye on all the bugs at one concentrated location- who conveyed the issue, who worked on them, what exactly the urgency was and how long it took to get fixed. Along with evaluating the bug trends, it also helps in preventing the recurring issues.

So, finally, with a bug tracking software on board, one can deliver what was exactly demanded, customers can receive what they exactly called for and both of these come off in time and within reasonable budget.

According to Allied Market Research, the global bug tracking software market is expected to grow at a significant CAGR from 2019–2026. Surge in investment on advanced testing procedures, rise in demand for bug-free software within quick reversal period, and increase in adoption of robotics in software development propel the growth of the market. Moreover, growing craze for implementation of artificial intelligence and incorporation of machine learning in bug tracking software are also expected to create a number of lucrative opportunities for the key players in the industry.

Also known as defect tracking software, bug tracking software is now being widely adopted by a plethora of SMEs worldwide. When integrated with bug tracking software, the efficacy of a project management software is believed to experience a significant leap. To sum up, we can state that the bug tracking software market is no more at its nascent stage; rather, it has started proliferating quite rapidly, and in the next few years, it’s anticipated to thrive yet more.

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