5G Brings Huge Opportunities for AR + AI Application Development Companies Like Samsung, Facebook and WIMI

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 27, 2020 / VR/AR technology is no stranger to most people, but people of VR/AR related entertainment products has always been a bad impression, such as in the experience of VR technology, often accompanied by symptoms such as dizziness and dizzy, which largely because caused by network delay, when VR experience to make action, the system monitoring action to reflect the movement to the VR will have certain delay lags in the field of vision, the audience will feel dizzy. Due to the characteristics of low delay, large bandwidth and large connection, 5G will be the best way to solve the current poor VR/AR experience, and will further promote the development and progress of VR/AR communication.

At the ongoing CES 2020, Samsung gave attendees an in-depth look at a variety of science-fiction-style advanced tech products at its event, including a bb8-style robot assistant and a demonstration of its AR glasses in development.

Samsung’s AR glasses, part of its “experience age” product strategy, showed off AR and glasses in front of a live audience as it demonstrated GEMS (gait enhancement and propulsion system) technology, paired with an exoskeleton device to correct posture and track certain body indicators.

Millions of people are working from home as a result of the outbreak, which means work environments are often less than ideal, with small screens, cluttered environments and many distractions. Facebook may have a solution: adopt the virtual reality office concept of a “floating window.”

Of course, the main feature of the floating window concept is that multiple floating Windows can be easily rearranged by tapping or dragging. Facebook’s current product is unlikely to provide the level of performance required to support floating Windows as a great experience, but if Facebook optimizes future headsets (lightweight, low latency, high resolution) for this use case, their product will hopefully catch on in the marketplace.

Recently, WIMI landed on the NASDAQ global board and is expected to become a leader in the holographic AR vision field. WIMI has established a comprehensive and diversified holographic AR content library among all domestic holographic AR solution providers. WIMI ranks first in China’s holographic AR industry in terms of revenue, number of customers, holographic AR content, and holographic AR patents and software Copyrights. Ultra-reliable and low-delay communication of 5G communication technology is expected to solve the short board of VR/AR development. 5G+ cloud will open up VR/AR scenes and continuously unleash the vitality of the industry. Major manufacturers continue to make efforts to create hot style, to accelerate hardware penetration.

With the change of bandwidth conditions of 5G holographic communication network, 5G holographic application market will usher in an explosion. High-end applications such as holographic interactive entertainment, holographic conference and holographic press conference will gradually spread to holographic social communication, holographic communication, holographic navigation and holographic home applications. Based on holographic AI face recognition technology and holographic AI face face exchange technology as the core technologies, WIMI plans to support holographic cloud platform services and 5G communication holographic applications with a number of innovative systems.

WIMI constructs a real-time modeling system for multi-angle shooting: it carries out full-dimensional image scanning on the collected objects and synthesizes them into a three-dimensional model in real time. Six – degree matrix optical field system: the multi – light source comprehensive application, constructs the holographic virtual image imaging field. Binocular parallax intelligent enhancement system: dynamically track the object trajectory and adjust the light during the acquisition process to maintain the equilibrium value of binocular disparity. Multi-image dynamic fusion system: multi-dimensional image wide Angle acquisition technology in narrow space, applied to cloud vision miniaturization holographic warehouse. Holographic image high-speed processing algorithm: the image information processing speed, and ensure the rendering effect, processing rate of up to 10GB/ s. Stealth polyester optical imaging film: the key component of holographic imaging, so that the holographic image perfect imaging display. Holographic virtual figure painting sound reconstruction technology: the use of human bone dynamic capture, real-time image rendering, voice recognition technology, voice simulation technology to present virtual people. Holographic cloud platform: an interactive platform with data storage, image restoration and holographic social properties covering image collection and restoration in the whole country. WIMI constructs a complete 5G holographic communication application platform based on the above system combination to support various online terminal and personal device applications, and at the same time expands various mainstream 5G holographic applications such as holographic social communication, holographic family interaction, holographic star interaction, holographic online education and holographic online conference.

WIMI prospectus shows that holographic cloud business will combine with the depth of 5G, in 5G under the collaboration of high rate and low latency, remote communication and data transmission, from terminal to business server system transmission delay will average about 6 ms, well below the 4 g network transmission delay, ensure the holographic AR in the remote communication and data transmission without caton, low latency, and terminal collaboration in more, when the richness and diversity of interaction. Make the collaboration of end + cloud more efficient. Enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) and the Internet of things (IoT) application, makes WIMI holographic holographic AR AR advertising business, and entertainment business, as well as the holographic interactive entertainment, holographic meeting, holographic social, holographic communication, holographic family holographic, etc., will be based on facial recognition technology and holographic 5G + AI AI face in face of technology of the core technology for effective growth.

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