ADARA Releases Report “Identity Data: Protect Your Customer Identities With Data Rights Management”

PALO ALTO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 20, 2020 / ADARA, the world’s foremost data alliance and the leading provider of customer intelligence, today announced a new guide for companies to help create a data rights management strategy for maximizing the value of identity data with safety and scalability in mind. Companies are expanding their data strategy to plan ahead for the decline of third-party cookies, while rules for data collection and use are emerging across countries and states. A successful and future-proof plan must include capabilities to effectively manage the internal and partner data that will make up identity-based marketing in the future. The guide provides insights on how to keep identity data safe and how to best dictate data inflow, use, and outflow with a rigorous data rights management approach.

“Companies need a strategy for data rights management to balance data collection and use with safety and privacy,” said Charles Mi, CTO at ADARA. “Digital identity provides a strong path forward for companies planning their data approach beyond third party cookies, and rights management provides the guardrails to ensure that approach is successful.”

ADARA advises companies to view identity as a central “connection point” that unifies first party data and partner data, where data rights management is the system that keeps that data protected. In order for that to happen, companies must prioritize identity as a way to unify disparate data points so that a rights management structure can be put in place and adhered to effectively.

The guide includes a checklist for companies to plan their data rights management strategy as they shore up their identity plans. Companies must think through data ownership rules, data protection and sharing. To manage these best practices, companies need to put in place a centralized data repository governed by rules, tracking, notification and triggers.

“Identity is the way forward for data-driven marketing, and will only be successful if companies take data rights management seriously,” said Mi. “Data privacy and safety adds a layer of complexity that companies must plan for at every touchpoint from collection to storage and use. We are providing a practical data rights management roadmap for companies to ensure that they have a robust identity practice that adheres to the evolving privacy and safety landscape.”


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