After A Life-Changing Accident, Melanie Dupuis Realized She Had To Do Something Bigger With Her Life

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 15, 2020 / Certain defining moments in life cause you to drastically change your viewpoint and how you conduct yourself. This can either be by reassessing your priorities or a rapid shift in how you maintain your day to day life. For Melanie Dupuis, she had this moment after suffering a terrible vehicle highway crash, which made her reevaluate her life at the time.

“It was otherwise a beautiful day when suddenly our lives changed by someone’s careless driving. This transport driver selfishly speeding and swerving in between the three-lane highway caused the collision that sent us flying into the guardrail. Our Suburban instantly rolled four times across the highway and left us lying on our roof facing oncoming traffic. Miraculously, despite all odds, we survived. Bystanders came to our rescue by stopping oncoming traffic going over 100km/hour and helping us crawl through our broken windows. As soon as the ambulance arrived, they put me on a backboard and secured my neck with a collar and we were both rushed to the hospital. This near-death experience was life-changing.” Recounts Melanie.

Thankfully, though seriously hurt from this accident, Melanie and her husband recovered from the horrific crash. It did, however, cause her to rethink her choices at the time. When she was on leave, she realized that her current job situation was not for her and wanted to change her life.

“Rolling across the highway left me with a very severe concussion. By doctor’s orders, I was off work for a couple of months which allowed me the opportunity to self-reflect. The reality that my three precious children almost lost us put my life goals into high gear. It was suddenly non-negotiable. The thought of someone else determining when and where I work made me feel physically ill. So at only 39 years old, I quit my cushy, pensioned, unionized full-time job to pursue my dreams. I was free!” Explains Melanie.

Though Melanie was scared to start this new life, she was excited by the sudden prospect of freedom from her previous job. She and her husband began mentoring in real estate and have become incredibly successful in helping their mentees change their lives.

“My husband and I, known as Investor Mel and Dave, have a large following of over 50,000 people on my various social media platforms. I am best known as Canada’s Top Investing and Mentoring Couple who bought 12 multi-family properties (56 units) in less than 12 months using none of my own money. I now solely own 100 apartments/24 properties and my key to success is using creative financing strategies. Let me specify, I have no joint venture partners. All of my properties are 100% in my ownership which means that I keep all the cash flow, equity, and appreciation and I do not have to negotiate, consider, discuss and share profits with partners!” Exclaims Melanie.

From there, Melanie and her husband have accomplished incredible feats and have been recognized for their successes in the real estate industry. She is spreading her knowledge of the real estate world.

“I have over 11 years’ experience in real estate investing and I also own a property management company, Dupuis Properties, for which I won “Business of the Year” award. I have a best selling book “Real Estate Investing Secrets – A No B.S. Guide to Creating Wealth & Freedom and along with 19 other women, will be launching a book on powerful women real estate investors that will be available this fall. I am a speaker and mentor who specializes in helping others achieve financial, time, and location freedom through real estate investing with our life-time mentoring program. I won the 2020 Canadian Business Award as Leading Expert in Real Estate Investing and have helped hundreds of my mentees change their lives.” States Melanie.

To learn more about Melanie and her husband, you can follow them on Instagram @investormeldave, and you can check out their website at Also, you can check out Mel’s online master class on how she bought 12 properties in less than 12 months using creative strategies at


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