Amika Mobile Products Selected for Testing for COVID-19 Contact Tracking by Government of Canada

OTTAWA / ACCESSWIRE / May 28, 2020 / Amika Mobile‘s situational awareness, command and control products the Amika Mobility Server (AMS) and its mobile apps including Amika®Panic and Amika®Guard that provide 2-way communications over SMS, Email, Pop-ups, Push, and Voice calls have been selected through a competitive process for a project with the Government of Canada by Innovative Solutions Canada whose objective is to drive SMEs to bring innovative solutions to government of Canada departments. The contact tracking will enable the Government of Canada to respond to the urgent requirement of enforcing its Quarantine Law and ensuring its citizens are tracked during the pandemic assisting health care workers and first responders to COVID-19 incidents and ensuring individuals are receiving critical messages from front line workers and responding to them promptly saving hundreds of thousands of personnel hours in tracking who has COVID-19 and who their direct contacts are, leveraging Amika® Situation Commander and Amika® Mapper to map them in real-time to support public safety and lessen the spread of COVID-19.

Amika Mobile has operated as an essential service during this pandemic crisis and has continued to support customers in the US and Canada leveraging our products for critical and emergency communications to their employees, customers and stakeholders during this COVID-19 pandemic, via integrations with IPAWS and AlertReady regional and national alerts and by tracking their critical employees during the pandemic.

“We are keen to work with the front line workers in collaboration with the Government of Canada testing out our award-winning and innovative life safety contact tracking solution during this critical time in history,” said Amika Mobile CEO Dr. Sue Abu-Hakima.


Amika Mobile’s AMS enables situational awareness, information sharing, rapid 2-way communications across devices and networks, and control through advanced integrations with government agency alerts and physical security systems. AMS can trigger individual, group or en masse, any layer alerts including VoIP, SMS, Pop-ups, web, overhead displays, digital signs, twitter, tickers, based on any automations including, government agency or weather alerting feeds, panic buttons, or sensor events from digital thermometers, access control, fire panels, camera systems, etc.

MarketsandMarkets forecasts the Incident and Emergency Management Market to grow from USD 107.0 billion in 2019 to USD 148.5 billion by 2024. This growth is driven by many factors including increased terrorism, workplace violence, active shooters, natural disasters, viral outbreaks and heightened need for critical and emergency communication in crisis management.

About Amika Mobile: Amika Mobile® Corporation is privately held specializing in critical and emergency communication and control. Its flagship product, the Amika® Mobility Server (AMS), addresses IoT and BYOD security and is ideal for alert/response in Smart Cities, enterprise, community, airport, sports arena, shopping center and campus where visitors may not always be pre-registered in a contacts database since the AMS can auto-discover mobile devices for emergency alert/response. AMS is an AI-based IoT 2-way platform that communicates securely over wire or mobile to ANY layer including WiFi, SMS, Email, VoIP, PA systems, Message Boards, Twitter, RSS Feeds, Facebook, etc. AMS and Amika®Panic can trigger lockdowns and alerts based on disparate events from gunshot sensors, access control, fire panels, cameras, wall-mounted, desktop or mobile panic buttons, etc. Amika® Situation Commander tracks event alert/response in real-time and displays it on Amika® Mapper. AMS delivers advisory government alerts from NOAA, IPAWS, EAS, Alert Ready in CAP /CAP-CP formats. Amika Mobile® has won 24 awards including the US GOVIES for 6 years in a row including 2020 for Best Emergency Communications Solution and also sells products through partners. Amika Mobile® is a woman-owned WeConnect Internationally certified business. See


Amika Mobile Corporation, Media Relations Contact: Sarah Goldsmith, Phone: 613-599-4445 x0 , Follow us on Twitter: @AmikaAlert

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