Author Douglas Kent Announces the Release of his Second Book, “Helplessly Hoping”

The Memoir Details the Relationship Between Kent and His First Wife, Who Was Sexually Abused as a Child

MESQUITE, TX / ACCESSWIRE / May 15, 2020 / Author Douglas Kent is pleased to announce the release of his second book, a memoir titled “Helplessly Hoping.”

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As Kent noted, “Helplessly Hoping” details the relationship between him and his high school sweetheart and first wife, Mara, who was sexually abused as a child and suffered from a number of physical, mental and emotional issues.

“The book tells the story of how her mental health deteriorated, and how scars from her childhood haunted her for years. It also reveals how we struggled to overcome those problems,” Kent said.

“Through the hardest times, we still searched for reasons to laugh. Despite how sick Mara became, despite the days on end of illness or crying or mania or depression, there were good days. And there were good hours in bad days. And during those moments, or hours, or days, we laughed ourselves silly.”

The back cover text of the book refers to “Helplessly Hoping” as “A true and hauntingly candid look into the tragedy of sexual abuse and mental illness, and the struggle to stay afloat when everything seems hopeless.”

Kent is no stranger to writing about deeply personal topics in a way that is honest, poignant and fascinating to readers. His first memoir, “It’s Their House: I’m Just a Guest,” told the true story of the three years that Kent spent in federal prison. The book, which was released in 2014, was well-received by readers, many of whom posted enthusiastic reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Even though “Helplessly Hoping” was released just recently, it is already getting a lot of positive attention from readers.

As a reviewer wrote on Amazon, the book was virtually impossible to put down.

“The emotional connections, and quick-witted humor was so addictive. You get a chance to really see the outside and inside perspective of love, life, mental illness. Definitely check this out,” the review noted.

About Douglas Kent:

Douglas Kent was born in Danbury, CT and now makes his home in Dallas, TX where he lives with his two black cats. Besides writing memoirs, Kent is an avid supporter of independent film and music, and a lifelong animal lover. He also edits and publishes the quarterly magazine Diplomacy World, which is the flagship publication for the Diplomacy hobby, a strategy game created by Allan Calhamer and made popular through its release by Avalon Hill. For more information about Kent, please visit his author website at



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