Bellevue University Launches 100% Online Data Science Program That Equips Students With “Big Data” Skills Employers Need

Students Will Graduate With Data Science Portfolios That Demonstrate Analysis Skills

BELLEVUE, Neb.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#bigdata–Bellevue University, one of the nation’s leaders in preparing students for lifelong success with career-relevant knowledge and skills, recently launched a new 100% online applied Bachelor of Science in Data Science degree program that addresses the needs of employers who are dealing with ever-increasing amounts of data and students who are seeking careers as data scientists.

“Today’s organizations are absolutely inundated with data,” said Bellevue University President Dr. Mary Hawkins. “But data doesn’t have value unless businesses have skilled employees who are able to provide the kind of insights that turn that data into better decisions and business strategies.”

“Our data science bachelor’s program develops true data scientists,” said Dr. Hawkins. “Graduates know how to analyze data, manage it at the enterprise level, and transform it into real life actionable solutions.” The program also provides a pathway to Bellevue University’s data science graduate program.

Bellevue University’s BS in Data Science takes a different approach than traditional data science programs that focus solely on the theoretical aspects of data, said Dr. Mary Dobransky, Dean of the College of Science and Technology. “This is an applied program that prepares students for data science roles in fields like banking, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing,” said Dr. Dobransky, adding that those roles will likely continue to increase in number. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for computer and information research scientists are expected to increase 19% by 2026.

A key part of the Bellevue University program’s applied focus is that each student will graduate with a Data Science Portfolio. Catie Williams, Program Director, said the portfolios will feature real life projects that demonstrate the depth and breadth of graduates’ ability to analyze data to solve problems.

“The portfolio aspect of Bellevue University’s data science program takes it to the next level. It makes sure students have exposure to the same tools and technology that businesses are using today,” explained Williams.

She said students will solve problems using Python; visualize data with R, Tableau and PowerBI; conduct data analysis using statistical models, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI); and tackle Big Data storage and management problems with solutions like Hadoop, Spark, Deep Learning and more.

“When they graduate, students will be able to use data to tell a story,” said Williams. “They’ll be extremely familiar with the tools and be confident presenting to an executive team or a stakeholder group.”

The Bellevue University Bachelor of Data Science degree program also stands out as one of the few 100% fully online programs of its kind. “We’ve erased the barriers that often get in the way for working adults, many with families, who want to get their degree,” said Dr. Dobransky.

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