Bill Clarke Pulls Back the Curtain on How Health & Fitness Coaches Can Regain Lost Time and Income Through Lead Generation Systems

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 29, 2020 / Recently we sat down with the up and coming entrepreneur Bill Clarke to find out more about his story and how he is helping online health & fitness coaches to generate high quality leads with minimal effort.

Before we dive into the interview, Bill is from York, England and similar to those rare success stories, is a university dropout. After spending too much of his time learning about management theories from the 1930s, he decided he had enough, dropped out and was eager to build his own legacy in the realm of marketing.

When we spoke to Bill, we discussed the reason behind the barriers that online coaches face, the main systems he recommends, what his hopes are for his clients, and his top tips for an online health and fitness coach for generating leads during a global pandemic.

Bill, why do you feel that many of these coaches spend too long on their marketing for little return?

“There’s a lot of information out there on how to build your business meaning everyone tries to follow every piece of advice and hope for the best. Now I see coaches who say they This can mean that coaches are doing blogs, running 6 social media accounts, trying to keep an active email list and uploading YouTube videos… And that easily takes up 4 hours a day.

A lot of the people I speak to say they have their own coaching business to enjoy the entrepreneurial freedom, yet they spend more time at their laptop than they would at a regular 9-5 job! If coaches bring it back to the origin of why they got into their business, they regain clarity in their aims and therefore their marketing.

Personally, I want to travel (when I can again) so I have created systems that mean I have online clients and a lot of my work is automated, meaning I can enjoy my travels once I’m back!

Figure out the lifestyle you want first and then build your business and marketing to suit that, not the other way around.”

So what would you recommend for these coaches?

“Firstly, if you haven’t got an online calendar setup then this is a must. When you have a prospect wanting to schedule in a time to have a chat with you it is difficult and often awkward when you’re doing it over email/messenger especially if you are in different timezones. Set up an online calendar so all you need to do is send them a link and they can book in a preferred time and day that is best for them and you’ll both get an email confirmation. Easy.

Next, having a system that filters out the ‘bad prospects’ is really effective at helping bring back your hours. This can be done by having a clear offer for a specific audience, having content that speaks to an exact target market, and makes clear that you only want to help people who are serious about making a change for the better in their lives.

My third recommendation would be a content strategy that suits you. Choose content in a format you’re comfortable with, create a weekly schedule and make sure you track your numbers. I spent many months producing content while going in circles not progressing in my business. Track your stats so you know what’s working, then double down on that.”

Do you have a goal in your mind that you want your audience to reach with their coaching business?

“I think one of the reasons I love this, in particular, is that it affects both the personal and business areas of life. If I can help a coach reduce their working hours from 4 hours a day to 2 so they can spend more time with their kids, then that’s my success.

It always depends on what the person is aiming for in business – for example, I want freedom, it’s one of the core reasons why I got into entrepreneurship. Therefore I have built a business where I can work 2-3 hours a day, travel the world and manage my business online. Systems can be tailored to the individual goals of the creators.”

Lastly, what are your 3 key tips for coaches during these uncertain times?

“Number one – figure out what lifestyle you want your business to give you, and then develop the systems with those goals in mind.

Number two – create systems. You don’t need to be a tech genius to do this, just take a look at what you currently do during your days and research tools/software/strategies to help automate or systemise what you do.

Number three – don’t undervalue yourself for the sake of a sale. Your time, expertise, and experience are extremely valuable so please don’t fall into the trap of pricing yourself cheap. I did this for many clients and suffered greatly from my mistake.”

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