Brave Decisions and Innovative Solutions Skyrockets Entrepreneur Shamus Goss to Success

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 16, 2020 / Think of someone who inspires you to reach the same level of their achievements. What made them successful? It’s possible that they started from small beginnings before getting to where they are now, just like most successful people do. After all, everyone enters the world literally empty-handed before we eventually experience all the material wealth, experiences, and lessons that life has to offer.

But I’m sure you’ll agree with me that each of us was born in different circumstances, and not all are raised in an ideal environment. Some of us are dealt better cards than others, and sometimes it takes extra grit and hard work to break free from a complicated past. Moreover, the type of people that surround us as we grow up and grow old has the power to mold us into what we are now. The inspiring story of Shamus Goss, a successful entrepreneur at present, is a living example of how changing one’s life crucially depends on choosing the people you surround yourself with, working through the battles, and building yourself up from the bottom.

Shamus, born and raised in the South Bronx, had experiences he considers the darker parts of his life. But his past only made him a better person with ambition and an efficient businessman at present. Shamus’s firm belief is that it’s not the circumstances that matter, but what you do with those circumstances that is more important. Despite struggling in middle school and nearly falling victim to a troubled moment in his life, he took it upon himself to turn things around. He devoted time and effort to his education after moving in with his sister. Steering himself in a completely different direction, he pulled through, acing his grades, and even graduated six months ahead of his class.

Shamus broke through the music industry at the young age of 17 and started a record label. Successfully making secure connections with artists was not something to sneeze at, but he was determined to venture into other businesses and expand his entrepreneurship.

Shamus then moved to Atlanta in 2002, where he decided to try a hand at the apparel industry. He founded Teamone Athletics, now one of Atlanta’s most successful apparel stores. The momentum was there, and Shamus sought after more achievements by launching Major Change Media, a digital marketing company dedicated to assisting other businesses, and his non-profit organization, H.E.L.P, which provides resources to the homeless population of Atlanta. Then Magneto Home Solutions a real estate investing firm.

Shamus always shares the two most critical pieces of advice with his clients and mentees. First of all, a business must be ready and willing to adapt and keep up in a fast-paced industry. Innovation is critical because old ways of thinking will not help you maximize the full potential of your business. The other thing to keep in mind is to help a business succeed; it needs to reach a wider audience by maximizing its online presence.

His company, Major Change Media, blends these two ideologies resulting in innovative marketing strategies for its clients. Major Change Media helps businesses grow their brand while expanding their customer base across the globe.

To get to know more about Shamus Goss, you may email him at or give him a call on (470) 535-8309.

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