Broken Circle Studios to Provide IKIN With Advanced UX Capabilities

Technology Will Enhance Holographic Images for Business and Consumer Use

NORCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 5, 2020 / Broken Circle Studios, a premier software development company, announced it has been selected by IKINTM to develop a companion mobile app for its revolutionary holographic platform. IKIN is the leading provider of visual technology solutions for businesses, and is in the process of creating a new generation of holographic solutions targeted for business and consumer use.

Located in Norco, California, Broken Circle Studios has been working with an eclectic mix of enterprise customers, educators, video game publishers, and other content creators to create compelling user experiences that enable its clients to forge deep relationships with end-users. As a part of its responsibilities for IKIN, Broken Circle will create a variety of user interfaces that will provide intuitive access to the company’s compelling holographic features.

“Broken Circle has an outstanding reputation for creating memorable user experiences that enable businesses to stand above the crowd, building brand loyalty and customer satisfaction in a fast-moving and highly competitive marketplace,” said Joe Ward, IKIN’s Chief Executive Officer. “We’re delighted to partner with Broken Circle. Our two organizations have similar cultures and share a common commitment to innovation excellence. We fully expect that Broken Circle will play a pivotal role in IKIN’s success.”

According to Joel Fashingbauer, IKIN’s Chief Development Officer, Broken Circle’s unique skill set and ingenuity are perfectly suited to serve IKIN’s needs.

“We envision a user experience that reflects the culture of IKIN-bold, inclusive, satisfying, and certainly, transformative,” explained Fashingbauer. “It’s easy to describe-but much more difficult to achieve. The Broken Circle team have been meeting these challenges for years. We can’t think of a partner better suited to breathe life into our vision, and turn this concept into reality.”

Headquartered in San Diego, IKIN delivers state-of-the-art holographic technology for business and consumer use. The company’s patented RYZTM technology enables full 3-D holographic imagery in ambient light, and provides new opportunities for mobile operators, gaming providers, independent software vendors, and other channels to integrate robust holographic imagery into their service offerings and solutions, adding value and extending customer loyalty.

“In our industry, a holographic project represents the Holy Grail-it’s an opportunity every developer cherishes, and one that rarely materializes,” explained James Finley, Broken Circle’s CEO. “Our collaboration with IKIN enables our team to create user experiences that are truly transformative. We are grateful for the chance to work with IKIN, and are eager to bring these game-changing services to the market.”

About Broken Circle Studios

Broken Circle Studios is a premier full-service games and experiences development company that enables recognized brands to create long-lasting relationships with consumers. Leveraging its team of talented developers and engineers, Broken Circle has provided solutions from a client list that includes Carnival Cruise Lines, Cisco, Janus, and Unity.

About IKIN, Inc.

IKIN is an innovator of visual technology that enables customers and partners to offer high-resolution 3-D volumetric imaging to businesses and consumers. The company has patented technology that enables solid state holograms to exist in ambient light. IKIN offers its RYZ Framework to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and developers looking to utilize holographic displays as a differentiator for vertical market applications. The company will also offer its RYZ Accessory in 2020, a device that enables holographs on Apple and Android devices for every consumer.

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