Catching the Flipside of Business by Flipping Deals with Chris Bruce and His Coaching Program, Virtual Flipping Riches

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 16, 2020 / Usually, when people talk about business, they talk about the nitty-gritty details and the sheer amount of working and talking, all the copious amounts of grinding and the often-difficult interactions with clients and peers alike. It’s definitely a tough industry out there, and there are various ways how one could succeed, and how one could fail with the flick of a wrist, which is why Chris Bruce has taken it upon himself to create a coaching program that seamlessly incorporates virtual technologies and real estate to make it easy for wannabe real estate entrepreneurs to quickly get into the business and succeed.

That’s not to say that his program won’t take any effort at all, business always takes effort and his clients should know better to actually put in the work. But, “Virtual Flipping Riches 3.0” will definitely give clients the necessary tools to succeed in the real estate industry. Chris Bruce himself is no stranger to hard work, and turning around what seemed to be a reckless fall into rock bottom.

Chris grew up in the hood of Detroit, Michigan, and eventually moved to Tampa, Florida, in 2004. He spent most of his younger days partying, chasing women, and just having a good time with his pals. Chris always knew how to make money, but he never knew how to keep much of it in his bank account. He spent money like there was no tomorrow; he was traveling, shopping, and going to clubs on any given day.

He was popping Champagne bottles in the club every Friday for five months straight; he was having the time of his life. Until finally, his life took a nosedive. He realized that he wasn’t happy with his wild lifestyle; he wasn’t happy at all, nor was he financially free. After giving his life some more thought, he stumbled upon a real estate strategy called Wholesaling while browsing the internet.

It was at this moment that Chris Bruce discovered the business of real estate back in 2009. He quickly jumped into it, purchasing a home study course and took massive action. Fast forward 11 years later, Chris has flipped over 350 properties. Now he’s happier and freer than ever before; he also helps others find the same joy through teaching them Virtual Wholesaling.

After attaining full financial freedom, Chris decided to lend a helping hand, so he established his own coaching program called “Virtual Flipping Riches 3.0” where he teaches people a unique investment strategy called Virtual Wholesaling. A common misconception with real estate is that you need a real estate license, tons of money or credit, however, Chris teaches people how to find distressed sellers or distressed properties and offer to buy their properties at a discounted price.

The only thing his clients really need is a working mobile phone, access to the internet, and sufficient knowledge which he will provide, to finally delve into the real estate business. His clients will sign a purchase contract with the homeowners then they sell their rights to that contract to a cash buyer investor for $5,000 – $10,000. Harnessing the power of the internet, so all of this is done without having to physically go to the property to meet the sellers or buyers in person, that is the absolute power of Virtual Wholesaling in action.

The training that his course provides is not only limited to an online course that provides videos. It also includes their Lead Management software, SMS blast software to market to sellers and buyers, as well as providing bi-weekly coaching calls in their members-only Facebook group.

Chris has brought communities together through his coaching and his teaching, he has provided so much value to his clients and has allowed them to look at business in a better light. There’s no stopping Chris from soaring higher than ever before, he really turned himself around, and that is nothing short of inspirational.

To get to know more about Chris Bruce, you may send an email to or give a call on (813) 616-1393.

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