Cheap Car Insurance – The Most Valuable Auto Insurance Discounts And How To Qualify For Them

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 21, 2020 / ( is a top auto insurance brokerage website, providing car insurance quotes online from trustworthy agencies all over the United States. This website offers car insurance info about different coverage types, available discounts, and money-saving tips.

Paying the monthly bill for car insurance can be a burden for drivers. Many of them are struggling to gather enough money to pay their monthly insurance bills. Luckily, car insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. To make car insurance more affordable, car insurance companies are offering various types of discounts that can be earned by drivers after meeting the requirements.

The most important discounts offered by providers are the following:

  • Demographic and geographic-based discounts. Factors like age, gender, marital status can significantly affect the price of car insurance. Young and senior drivers will pay more on their premiums than drivers who are between 30 and 60 years old. Married drivers are considered to be more responsible and will pay less on their premiums than drivers who are single or divorced. Policyholders who use their vehicles to commute to work on short distances can be eligible for a low-mileage discount. Drivers who live in areas with low car theft and vandalism rates will also pay cheaper premiums.
  • Bundling discounts. When combining multiple insurance services or insuring multiple vehicles under the same contract, the policyholder will be rewarded with a discount. The value of the discount varies by the insurance company. Buying more services or insuring more car will increase the value of the discount. In some cases, the discount can be as high as 20%. In the long term, the policyholder can save thousands of dollars. Online questionnaires ask the users if they own their home and if they want to also buy homeowners’ insurance and save money.
  • Driver education discounts. Drivers can get an insurance discount for passing defensive driving exams. However, they will get discounts only if they graduate approved courses. Ask the current insurer which curses are approved and how much money can be saved. Keep in mind that graduating defensive driving courses will help drivers offset some license points. Of course, if the local legislation approved that.
  • Safety and car recovery equipment. Having the right safety equipment can trim insurance costs. The list of eligible items for this discount includes immobilizers, lane departure systems, hi-quality airbags and seatbelts, head and kneed protection. Each company may use a different name for this discount/ When getting online quotes, drivers are if they have anti-theft or/and car recovery devices installed. Also, users are asked about having the VIN number etched into each of the vehicle’s windows.
  • Low mileage discount. Being less exposed to accidents will significantly lower insurance costs. The rule for obtaining this discount is simple: drive less than a certain number of miles. The average annual mileage is 12.000, so driving less than that should theoretically qualify a driver for this discount.
  • Online discounts. Many insurance companies encourage drivers to shop online for car insurance. Sopping online cuts some costs for insurance companies, especially the fees of insurance agents. And many companies agree that buying online should be rewarded. Some companies offer a 10%-15% off for online purchases.
  • Going paperless. Living in a highly-digitalized world has its advantages. Policyholders can choose to go paperless. That means paying premiums electronically, via a bank account, have proof of insurance stored digitally and even get some apps. Choosing to go paperless also saves the insurer some money.

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