ClickFunnels First One Million Dollars Earner Spencer Mecham Ready to Retire 35 Years Early At Just 31 Years Of Age Using Affiliate Marketing

Buildapreneur founder and leading affiliate marketer has earned enough to retire at the young age of just 31. The well-known affiliate is ready to retire 35 years short of America’s official retirement age

EAGLE MOUNTAIN, UT / ACCESSWIRE / May 26, 2020 / Spencer Mecham, one of the top names in affiliate marketing, can now retire. Mecham has been able to make retirement possible after setting up several sources of income that work without little to no input from him. The Buildapreneur founder strongly advocates for and teaches people his affiliate marketing techniques which have helped many build reliable income sources for themselves.

Spencer Mecham is widely known as the first ClickFunnels affiliate to hit $1 million in commission. He is also the first to join the ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club. Spencer is also the author of many affiliate courses like the wildly successful Affiliate Secrets 2.0. Furthermore, Buildapreneur also hosts many free courses which are his way of giving back to the community.

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“I first started as an affiliate marketer in 2017, and I’m fortunate to have found it. It is through affiliate marketing that I’ve been able to create the lifestyle I have today. Many people think it’s impossible making this much without a Ph.D., but it is possible, and my success is proof positive of it. I want people to know that almost anyone can make this type of money with the right approach. That’s why I founded Buildapreneur, a place where people can go to learn how to be successful affiliates.” Said Spencer when talking about potential retirement.

He also added “Anyone can do it, its just that I was lucky to start early and found the right people who put me on track. That’s why, through my courses and interviews, I try and show people how to become affiliates and take the steps required to learn the ropes. I believe that most people who take mine and others training and continue to learn and apply for as long as it takes will be successful and be able to retire sooner than later.”

Spencer Mecham is one of the leading affiliate marketers, and while he has built up a passive income, he will still continue to grow and teach because it is what he loves. It is just that he will not be part of the regular 9-5 workforce like most other people.

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Name: Spencer Mecham
Company: Buildapreneur
Address: 678 West Center
Phone: 8018548377

SOURCE: Buildapreneur

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