Conor O’Malley: The “CEO’s Caddy” & Instigator Of CoachAid20, Helps Executives ‘Execute The Right Shot’ Through His Transformative Executive Coaching Programme. He Works With Leaders To ‘Trust How They Learn, Lead & Know Themselves’ To Be More Effective Leaders In The New Economy

Conor O’ Malley the “CEO’s Caddy” and Instigator of CoachAid20 supporting CEOs & Executive Leaders trust the way they learn, lead, and know themselves. Transformative approach to leadership and delivering results are the key outcomes for leaders who work with him through his Observe | Choose | Act methodology. Sharing new ways to see themselves and the world they lead to take action differently. O’Malley has shared his reflections and advice in an interview.

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / May 12, 2020 / Conor O’Malley, the “CEO’s Caddy”, Instigator of CoachAid20, and experienced executive coach walks alongside CEO’s, Business Owners and C-Level Executives to help them ‘execute the right shot’ through his Transformative Executive Coaching Practice; for executive leaders to ‘trust how they learn, lead, and know themselves’ and to be more effective both personally and professionally in today’s new economy.

“O’Malley helps his clients observe themselves from the inside out and truly observe the environment they operate in. He helps them see possibilities for their ‘choice of shot’ (choose), how they ‘execute the shot’ (act) and he walks alongside them reviewing the outcome (learn). As a public speaker, he supports the audience with his storytelling, through his own executive experience and by sharing distinctions for those present to understand themselves better, as well as the world they lead in, enabling them to take more effective action.

Having a clear view and providing direction remains critical to being an effective leader, O’Malley states. He also contends that Executive leadership attributes and styles are changing. One change is to a more “enabling leadership” style from a more directive and hierarchical model of leadership. This is due, in part, to the increased pace and complexity of the environment that leaders now lead in, where the patterns in the data are harder to see and the pace of decision making has increased. The directive approach is limited by only having ‘one source of listening’ – the listening to self. A caveat to this he shares, is when there is chaos in a time of crisis, as is currently the case with COVID-19, where a more directive approach is required for decisions to be made quickly.

Critical to this change in leadership style is trust. Trust, O’Malley argues is, and always has been, created by delivering on your promise. The change he refers to is more mutual respect, empathy at a humanistic level, curiosity, active listening and leaders showing vulnerability; not attributes the previous style encouraged.

This recognition is, in part, a result of O’ Malley’s work with CEOs, Business Owners, and C-Level executives internationally. He takes a humanistic approach to leadership development and career transition through his Observe | Choose | Act Programme.

Conor O’Malley’s Observe | Choose | Act Programme is a transformative (not performance) coaching approach that delivers:

  1. Self-Awareness in different domains of thinking, feeling, and sensing.
  2. Increased strength and resilience to tackle complexity.
  3. A greater ability to adapt and lead with humility, confidence, and speed, through times of continuous change.
  4. Fostering greater sophistication in how leaders communicate, engage, influence, make decisions and build relationships, along with developing a stronger executive presence and personal brand.
  5. Improve leader’s active listening competency, so to be curious, ask questions, and hold others with legitimacy.

O’Malley, now a native of Melbourne, Australia, has been coaching CEOs, Business Owners and C-Level executives internationally for 3 years, when he decided to leave the ‘C’ suite in the supply chain industry. After he relooked at what success meant for him, both personally and professionally, he decided to move into the world of coaching and mentoring to support those who are now ‘where he was’ to help shape how leaders lead, both personally and professionally.

In response to a question on the driving force behind his success, O’ Malley has explained how it really boiled down to being “a beacon for others” (his purpose) and helping to build the leadership behaviour and language of business leaders today, that helps shape the world in which we all live.

Reflecting on the change in O’ Malley’s life, to where he is today, he quotes Alan Watts “waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be.”

In a recent one-on-one interview, O’ Malley reminisced on past achievements, which helped build momentum towards the present day. Notably, his leadership at National Foods, in Australia, a core part of which was transforming the safety culture of the organisation that changed people’s lives for the better. Most recently, on the outbreak of COVID-19, his instigation and leadership of CoachAid20, where globally 350 coaches signed up to provide free coaching to support professionals transition to working from home 24 hours a day for 9 days prior to Easter. 146 sessions of free coaching were held across 6 continents within 7 days of his idea. Lastly, he shared that transforming his ‘way of being’, both personally and professionally, to enable him to be a ‘beacon for others’ is an achievement he is immensely proud of.

His own learning journey, and competency building, over the last 3 years brought him to a point where he now has a highly professional, and certified, coaching practice working with CEOs and business owners. Having been an executive leader, and now an executive coach, he knows from feedback of the many who have worked with him in both domains, that he has inspired them and taught them skills that have lasted a lifetime, from which they have drawn on in their own journeys.

In the same interview, O’ Malley stated his intentions for the future. The primary goal for the next 12 months, he states, will be to build his executive coaching reach to support more leaders and, during Covid 19, to build on the community reach of CoachAid20 for those in need of what coaching, more broadly, can provide. This will be done by his message being heard by the leaders of the corporate world and by working with others on developing CoachAid20.

Looking farther ahead, the aim is to be “working with world influencers to help shape the language and behaviour of leaders to be more in line with societal expectations of what leadership looks like and needs to be today. His second aim, through CoachAid, is leading a global movement to support those in the community ‘at all levels’ to have access to free, or ‘affordable’, highly professional coaching. The aim being, through coaching, to help them solve their own challenges delivering the outcomes they want and need for themselves, both professionally and personally.”

When asked more personally about a core mantra that drives him O’Malley said: “Trust starts with me”. His reason being “that without trust there is no leadership and no choosing to follow the leader. We need to trust ourselves first, both existentially and through our own actions, before we can trust others.”

O’Malley closed the interview by sharing his recommendation for anybody who wants to follow his footsteps in some fashion. According to Conor, the key to any meaningful, and successful, service offer in a marketplace is to “meet the unmet needs of the procurer” by listening to it, understanding it and ensuring your offer is heard by those whose problem you can help solve.

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