Cousins Shane Skaar & Talston Stangler are Building an Inspiring Sportswear Brand: Streignth

LA CROSSE, WI / ACCESSWIRE / May 13, 2020 / When life knocks you down, build a business. At least, that seems to be entrepreneur Shane Skaar’s life motto. Shane comes from an inspiring background, and has launched a successful sportswear brand called Streignth. From nothing to something, Shane hopes to motivate and inspire others through the brand he’s created.

Shane grew up with a rare chest condition that left him feeling insecure. At the age of 15, he had his condition corrected through surgery, and although he had to go through a recovery process, he was motivated by himself and those around him to push himself hard and accomplish anything he set his mind to. A year after his surgery, Shane was able to start working out, and grew a passion for fitness. From his newfound motivation and love for self-improvement through exercise, he created Streignth.

With the help of his cousin Talston Stangler, Shane was able to grow Streignth Sportswear into a fully operational clothing line. Shane spends many hours during his week creating designs for products, shipping orders, managing the brand’s team of athletes & ambassadors, running social media accounts for the business, and planning shoots for photography and videos. It seems as though the hard work he puts in is definitely paying off.

So far, the company has been a hit in La Crosse, Wisconsin, where the company is based, and is building a sizable reputation in the Midwest sportswear industry. In addition to Midwest success, the brand is also seeing orders come in from across the nation, with orders being shipped to all 50 states.

With the brand’s success on the rise, Shane is happy to see his impact on people’s lives. With the brand focusing on motivating others to become the greatest version of themselves physically and mentally, Shane says that seeing others take on this message has been the most rewarding part of his job. Although the business is still young, Shane plans to continue to grow and hopes to reach as many people with his positive message as possible.

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