Credit Blockchain Fund Invests in ARO Big Data Company to Lead the Insights of the Big Data Industry and Bring Into Play the New Value of Data Analysis

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 18, 2020 / After that, the American Credit Blockchain Foundation continued to make efforts to successfully complete the strategic investment in the ARO decentralized mining pool. The company is a mobile internet company engaged in blockchain. Big data analysis and information service companies provide companies with on-demand market insight analysis and solutions to realize business value. And directly create its own decentralized ecological mining pool on the blockchain, and build it into an open source public chain based on the RTXP protocol. It is also the first sector of the ARO pan-financial ecosystem, which has become the blockchain era in ten years Forerunner. This round of capital injection was led by a credit fund and, together with investors such as Redpoint Ventures and Comcast Ventures, raised $ 4.5 million in funds for ARO.

Blockchain combined with intelligent data to maximize value

Today, the mobile Internet has become an indispensable part of people ‘s lives. Whether it is social, news, e-commerce, or mobile payment, there is always a huge amount of data exposed in daily life. However, there is no analysis of these data. On the surface, it seems so simple and direct. In other words, only by effectively identifying the data that needs to be ignored and identifying more valuable information can big data resources be used more valuablely.

ARO tailors brand data analysis and consulting services in real time based on corporate needs, helps marketers discover, understand, and change their influence on actual sales revenue, and guides them through statistical analysis of historical financial data and chat information on social media How companies plan their marketing budgets and implementation strategies, and explore business opportunities from the most relevant and valuable data to obtain revenue more quickly and directly.

Credit Blockchain Fund takes the lead in injecting capital to help it deploy in global mining pools

Mr. Liu Ming, Chairman of the Credit Blockchain Foundation said: “We are very pleased to witness the growth of many new companies in the blockchain industry in the past few years, and the market demand for data-oriented and growth-driven solutions similar to ARO With the rapid increase in Japan, we very much welcome ARO into the global ecosystem of credit blockchain funds, and we are honored to contribute to helping ARO become an industry leader. “

At the same time, the credit blockchain fund will continue to help ARO in other aspects besides financial support, such as technical support, financial support, legal support, etc., so that it can quickly grow into a decentralized fully open source mining pool and build ARO Become a real application public chain, achieve a comprehensive financial cooperation pan-financial ecosystem, find your dream territory in the era of blockchain.


USA CREDIT BLOCK CHAIN ​​FOUNDATION is an international leading investment fund company that focuses on structural value investment in the blockchain field. Its registered address is in Colorado, USA. It was founded in 2018 by LIU MING and is committed to helping all those in the blockchain field continue to focus For basic research, the nascent company that continuously discovers value and creates value becomes its earliest and most important partner, hoping to ride with them in this era of blockchain, big data, and the Internet. As a fund established by entrepreneurs and serving entrepreneurs, CREDIT BLOCK CHAIN ​​FOUNDATION has a multicultural and experienced investment team, creating unique long-term value for blockchain companies on three continents through unique business models and value-added strategies. Currently, there are three funds under management, namely BTC Phase I, IPFS Phase II and ARO Phase III. The total asset management scale of the fund reaches US $ 300 million, and 22 companies have been invested on three continents, with a total investment of over US $ 200 million

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