Dr. Gloria Wu Develops Telehealth Eye Test for Covid-19 May Be a Major Breakthrough

SAN JOSE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 19, 2020 / Covid-19’s impact goes beyond infection and death statistics. For example, many health professionals have seen a significant decrease in visits from their patients, which could leave them open to many infections and diseases. As a result, Dr. Gloria Wu created a new Telehealth Eye Test system that she has used to check the vision health of her patients and ensure that they are healthy during these trying times.

What is This New Breakthrough by Dr. Gloria Wu?

Dr. Gloria Wu has been treating a myriad of eye diseases for years and was worried about her patients not getting treatment during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of her clients have degenerative conditions that may be in a very touch-and-go state. As a result, Dr. Gloria Wu decided to create a new eye telehealth system that lets her keep in touch with her clients during these trying times and check the strength of their vision at the same time.

This new system utilizes video chatting with high-definition cameras to check in on her clients as they stay in their homes and a revolutionary vision test that tracks their vision acuity from over the internet. Dr. Gloria Wu has already noted that many of her patients have adapted well to this system, and some even prefer it. For example, Dr. Gloria Wu has used this method to diagnose several vision troubles and uses her connections with nearby pharmacies and doctors to prescribe treatments that her patients can use to manage their vision troubles.

Other doctors, she has noted, have been using similar systems to keep in touch with their clients. However, her method is one of the first long-distance eye tests and provides smoother video streaming to help make it more effective. Dr. Gloria Wu has found that the benefits of her new system have been significant enough to warrant investigating further use and even an expansion of its capabilities.

How Dr. Gloria Wu May Use This Process in the Future

Currently, Dr. Gloria Wu is focusing on all of her diagnoses and treatments on this new telehealth system. The fact that Covid-19 numbers have been going down significantly in her area has given her further interest in expanding its capabilities. For example, Dr. Gloria Wu believes that she may keep this system around after Covid-19 is under control to help clients in specialized situations.

For example, many of her patients have near or total blindness and struggle to get to her office for visits. With her new telehealth system, Dr. Gloria Wu believes she could do regular checkups at home and provide them with at-home vision tests that they can use during such checkups. And Dr. Gloria Wu is particularly excited about how her telehealth system could help patients who live half an hour or more away from her office and who struggle to make it to appointments.


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