Dr. Joseph Yi and the Holistic Battle Against Mental Illness

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 12, 2020 / Joseph Yi, MD (@joyimd) is a Holistic Psychiatrist Board-Certified in Addiction Medicine based in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area. He received his Doctorate of Medicine at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and conducted his residency at Cooper University Hospital where he graduated with the honor of being Chief Resident.

He is the founder of Modern Behavioral, an outpatient mental health and wellness center that helps people achieve optimal mental health and overcome addictions of all kinds. Growing up as a first generation immigrant, Dr. Yi has connected with patients on the trials and tribulations of life. He not only sympathizes with his patients and colleagues, but also empathizes with them too. From cool, tattooed professional skateboarders like Brandon Novak to New York Times Best Selling Author Dr Joel Fuhrman – Joseph Yi brings together street smarts and science to give a unique, and sometimes critical perspective of the medical industry.

While in residency and early in his medical career, Dr. Yi has found most Mental Health facilities to be quite depressing. He states, “Just because it IS a mental clinic doesn’t have to look and feel like it’s a mental clinic.” The interior design, and overall aesthetic of the buildings were, and still are gloomy to say the least. Furthermore, the traditional methods of just merely prescribing medications as a bandaid to a wound, instead of looking into the root causes of mental illness has inspired a new approach to mental health treatment. Now with hundreds of patients, Modern Behavioral is becoming not only a staple in its community, but a new experiment on how we address problems of addictions, Mind & Body health while providing a zen atmosphere that screams serenity.

Modern Behavioral is on a mission to change the Stigma of Mental Illness to that of Mental Wellness. Labeled by many colleagues and patients as the “Starbucks of Mental Health” – Modern Behavioral has a warm, stylish and comfortable atmosphere that helps people truly relax during their sessions. Whether you need a warm cup of tea, or a healthy snack, this is not your average mental health experience. They do not mindlessly prescribe drugs to patients, instead taking an integrative holistic approach to enhancing one’s body, mind and spirit. So many doctors over prescribe and typically are just treating the symptoms, not the deep roots of the behavioral health condition. Although prescription medications can be helpful, Modern Behavioral views them as part of the solution and NOT the solution itself.

Most doctors listen to a patient and instantly consider what drugs will make the patient feel better – they are typically treating the symptoms, not the underlying conditions. With an emphasis on dietary changes, exercise regimen and other psychological tactics, Dr Yi helps people not only feel better, but helps them address the deep rooted feeling or circumstances that lead to addiction and drug use in the first place.

Prior to entering medical school, Dr Yi was a part of 2 electronic music bands including Project Skyward and The Invisible Kid where he played guitar, bass and electronic keyboard. He acknowledges that experimenting with various substances during his music days were essential to his success as an Addiction Psychiatrist, more so than anything he learned during his times in medical training. He is known for this quote, “Knowledge can be taught in school but wisdom comes from experiences in the University of Life.”

Dr Yi’s hope is that one day, mainstream psychiatrists would be more open minded to Holistic remedies of treatment and to see symptoms as a ‘distress signal’ from the body rather than a checklist to diagnose disorders. His legacy will be empowering the people to become their #1 advocates for their mind & body health, NOT their doctors.

In 2019, Yi joined The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania, a non-profit, drug prevention, education and advocacy group. And in 2020 Yi, joined the medical advisory board with the Benzodiazepine Information Coalition. Using his knowledge of social media and communications, Dr. Yi spreads his hopeful message to tens of thousands of people all over the world. In 2020, Dr. Yi Joined the wellness advisory board for the Newtown Athletic Club. Live Fit on the board of the program. He was a contributing author in the book “Hope for Help”.

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