Eli Dangerfield, Clever Marketing and an Open Mind

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / May 12, 2020 / Eli Dangerfield (@Elidangerfield) knew that he was different from others his age as he struggled with bullying and hardships. He just never felt as if he fit in with his big dreams and ambitions. No one seemed to believe in him and his entrepreneurial ideas. Now, he’s laughing himself all the way to the bank with the successes that his business has gotten him. This 21-year-old millionaire travels often and rides around in his Mercedes Benz C-Class dream car that he bought at 20-years-old. He’s able to live that luxurious laptop lifestyle that you always see being promoted all over social media.

He first got the idea of being independent and building up his own brand from scratch after an automobile accident nearly killed his mom when he was just a little boy. By a miracle, this school teacher survived but the injuries left her unable to work. His father worked as a carpenter, and the parents found themselves sacrificing a lot just to get by. He swore that he would one day rise to the top so that he could have his family living comfortably once again.

In high school, he worked in a telecommunications company, but it wasn’t his cup of tea. Living your basic 9-5 job with an angry boss who also doesn’t want to be there was just never appealing. Why do that when you can put your name onto something that you made on your own. Something that you could brag about.

After doing some online research Eli found what he was looking for, the perfect business idea. He was going to start up an eCommerce business, selling watches. Luxury watches were his passion growing up, so there was no doubt that he found that to be his niche of choice. He knew that there was also a big market for it. He never had a role model to look up to when it came to the industry, he fueled off the idea of being able to work from his phone or computer and being able to help out his loved ones with the money. Everything he learned, he learned on his own from weeks of research that he had put in to make sure that when he launched his business, he was ready.

With learning clever marketing tricks, he was able to create the custom ads that he knew would appeal to a big audience. You need your ads to stand out and capture the attention of people as they scroll by it on social media. Something as simple as the photo or description can make a big difference and will ultimately decide the outcome of your project. He found himself working with an advertising company that didn’t work out too well. They were trying to take on more than they could chew and Eli had put 30k into this with expectations. He used his last bit of money in a last attempt that would decide the fate of his business. By a miracle, that last shot was what he needed as his company grew overnight and kept beating all odds that he thought was possible. It was an expensive journey of trial and error but it all worked out in the end, for this Australian entrepreneur.

He continues to share his expertise by holding courses to teach others how they could fulfill their wildest dreams with some help. He has well over 600+ student testimonials and has sold thousands of high-end watches to clients all over the world.

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