ExtraHop Introduces Reveal(x) 360 for Unified Threat Visibility and Centralized Control Across On-Premises, Cloud, and IoT Deployments

SaaS-Based Network Detection & Response Built for the Modern Enterprise with Cloud-Scale Machine Learning, Hybrid Visibility, and On-Demand Consumption

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Extrahop–ExtraHop, the leader in cloud-native network detection and response, today announced the general availability of Reveal(x) 360, the first SaaS-based network detection and response (NDR) solution providing on-demand, unified visibility across multicloud and hybrid workloads, as well as distributed workforces and operations. With ExtraHop® Reveal(x) 360™, security operations teams can harness the power of the cloud to improve security posture without compromising availability or core business objectives.

Meet Reveal(x) 360: click here to watch the video.

Organizations around the world have experienced massive disruption as workforces rapidly transitioned to remote work and operations shifted off-premises. While the first phase of this shift focused primarily on making critical assets available to employees, the next phase will focus on how to enable that model long term and at scale. At the center of that transformation are cloud and IoT. Cloud, with its unlimited scale, OpEx pricing model, and global availability zones, is ideally suited to enabling a distributed workforce. At the same time, the need to support IoT has already increased exponentially as security and IT Ops teams contend with a plethora of employee devices accessing network resources.

With Reveal(x) 360, ExtraHop combines the power of network data with the scale and speed of the cloud to provide frictionless security from the data center to the cloud to the user and device edge. It is cloud-delivered, cloud-agnostic, and provides cloud intelligence for continuous protection across the entire attack surface. A fully-integrated workflow enables SecOps teams to manage detection, investigation, and response at scale and align to the demands of the business, even as IT and business realities continue to evolve.

  • Cloud-Native Consumption Model: Reveal(x) 360 provides on-demand consumption, enabling customers to manage peak periods like Cyber Monday, fall course registration, and insurance enrollment periods without getting locked into annual contracts. On-demand consumption for index record search is available immediately, with additional on-demand purchasing options available in July.
  • Centralized Management and Threat Visibility: A unified management pane provides complete visibility and control across multicloud workloads, data centers, remote sites, and users and devices all in one place. With centralized visibility, security teams can confidently detect, investigate, and respond to threats across the entire attack surface without switching between multiple point solutions trying to piece together the path of an attack.
  • AI-Powered Threat Detection: Real-time intelligence and behavioral analysis derived from petabytes of anonymized threat telemetry collected daily makes Reveal(x) 360 cloud-based machine learning uniquely reliable—all without impacting sensor performance. Cloud-scale ML provides more than 1 million predictive models for a typical enterprise deployment to identify suspicious behaviors and potential threats.
  • Real-Time Investigation: A cloud-based record store provides fully hosted and managed search capability for streamlined incident investigation with index record search and query of data from every segment of the hybrid environment.
  • Continuous Intelligence: Reveal(x) 360 automatically updates detectors, threat intelligence feeds, and IoT profiles via the cloud, eliminating the need for manual intervention to ensure that policies or software on sensors are up to date.

“Over the past several months, remote work, digital interactions, and online services have accelerated at an unprecedented rate,” said Jesse Rothstein, ExtraHop co-founder and CTO. “And there is an increasing need to address significant gaps that have been exposed around both security and availability. Reveal(x) 360 is the culmination of a multi-year R&D investment to secure datacenter, remote sites, and cloud workloads with frictionless deployment and actionable insights that can be securely accessed from anywhere.”

Reveal(x) 360 for multicloud and hybrid cloud environments is now available on AWS Marketplace. Flexible pricing plans include reserved instance and on-demand pricing options to align with individual customer budget requirements.

What Customers Are Saying

“When you’re looking at investing in the rhythm of your business, there’s no other company that aligns to supporting the DevOps model—the speed, the lack of friction, than ExtraHop,” said Dan McDaniel, Chief Architect and Information Security Officer at Wizards of the Coast.

“Before ExtraHop, we had limited visibility into what was going on in the cloud, but with Reveal(x), we can quickly identify vulnerabilities and exploits and understand how our applications are performing in the cloud,” said John Kreis, Senior IT Engineer at Ulta Beauty.

“With ExtraHop, we’re able to monitor not only bandwidth and resources, but the security of our applications and infrastructure. With more and more of our workloads in the cloud, and now, with so many of our people working remotely, the level of visibility we get from ExtraHop in a single tool is just unmatched,” said a senior network security engineer for a large retail chain.

“ExtraHop makes it straightforward to monitor our environment and secure it, from remote desktops to cloud workloads,” said a senior manager for security and infrastructure at a West Coast healthcare provider.

What Partners Are Saying

“Right now, every organization on the planet is trying to figure out how to do more with less, how to run more efficiently without compromising availability or security,” said Mark Behan, VP of Cyber Security Solutions at Presidio. “With Reveal(x) 360, ExtraHop is doing just that—removing the burden of deployment and management while providing sophisticated detection and response capabilities that scale to the needs of the business.”

“Now that the dust has settled a bit since the initial transition to remote work, many of our customers are now looking to the future, thinking about how to support this forced transformation long term,” said Jonathan Wharton-Street, Head of Government and Education Sales, SBL. “Making sure you have a handle on every user and device accessing network resources is going to be critical to that. Reveal(x) 360 provides continuous visibility across every device and workload so that you never have to worry about what you don’t see.”

“Interest in cloud has never been higher as organizations look for ways to provide secure access at scale to a distributed workforce,” said Richard Tomkinson, Managing Director (APAC) and Co-Founder at Cloudten. “As cloud migrations and consumption surge, these organizations need a way to secure and manage that kind of malleable attack surface. That’s exactly what they get with Reveal(x) 360.”

To learn more about Reveal(x) 360 click here and read our blog here.

About ExtraHop

ExtraHop delivers cloud-native network detection and response to secure the hybrid enterprise. Our breakthrough approach applies advanced machine learning to cloud and network traffic to provide complete visibility, real-time threat detection, and intelligent response. With this approach, we give the world’s leading enterprises including The Home Depot, Credit Suisse, Liberty Global, and Caesars Entertainment the perspective they need to rise above the noise to detect threats, ensure the availability of critical applications, and secure their investment in cloud. To experience the power of ExtraHop, explore our interactive online demo or connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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