Global CEO of RRMine Spoke on TerraCrypto: BTC Halving is the opportunity to Level Up for Cloud Mining Platform

HONG KONG, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / May 20, 2020 / TerraCrypto global online mining conference has been held in Russia on May 19th, 2020.

TerraCrypto is the largest forum on digital mining and trading in the CIS and the TerraCrypto team has organized industry forums in the cities of Kazan, 4 events in Moscow, Irkutsk, Nur-Sultan, Frankfurt and Hong Kong before. At the TerraCrypto event in 2019, there were 2,149 participants, 214 speakers, 117 companies, 3 memorandums of cooperation were signed, and thousands of networking talks were held.

In TerraCrypto 2020, the global industry leaders, professionals, experts and investors ranging from mining pools, digital assets trading platforms, investment agencies, etc. will attend this conference. Such as Jason Zhuang, CEO of, Thomas Heller, Global Business Director of F2Pool, Peter Tylczynski, SVP of Business Development of MineBest and many other high profile persons will sit together and explore the development and opportunities of mining ecology after having to boost the booming development of mining ecology of blockchain.

Meanwhile, the Global CEO of RRMine Steve Tsou has attended this conference and addressed a speech on the topic: BTC Halving, Opportunity to Level Up for Cloud Mining Platform;

The rebalance of mining industry leads to the dimension improvement of computing power

Steve pointed out that halving would eliminate a number of small and medium-sized miners with limited ability to withstand risks, and the mining industry would be rebalanced. At present, the industrial chain of computing power has been relatively complete, and the rebalance of the mining industry will lead to the ascend of the computing power industry. The market performance after halving will not only be an opportunity to prove the deep value of computing power, but also a good Opportunity to Level Up for Cloud Mining Platform;

Steve also stressed that halving is a good thing for a platform which is well-prepared in advance. After three years of operation, RRMine has gained a sufficient understanding of risks and made good preparations for halving, continuously improved its technology and anti-risk capability and made an early deployment of scale and globalization to break out of the unique mode of global computing asset management and trading platform.

RRMine remains bullish on computing power market and will help users cope with the risks in multiple dimensions.

1.Users income will be improved through the ascending of Computing Power Provision.

Through three years of stable operation, RRMine platform has effectively utilized the dynamic law of computing power market, kept hoarding computing power, satisfied the supply of computing power, and has the ability to reward users. RRMine is full of confidence in the future of the market. As early as March 15, the whole RRMine platform had fully given away computing power to users. Even on the day of halving with the time of lowest production, the revenue made by per T of users was still higher than the average level of the market, which helped users to pass through the halving stably and would not be greatly affected.

2.Computing Power assets are assessable due to the ascending of the contract value..

In China, RRMine Computing Power contract assets can be evaluated by traditional authoritative institutions, and derivative financial services can be carried out by third-party platforms, so as to truly achieve the new contract assets valuations through the perceptive of traditional assets valuation, it also makes the intangible computing power assets been accepted by the traditional financial market and improve the value of computing power as well..

3.Computing Power derivatives produced by products ascending;

Faced with the high volatility of the market, RRMine launched computing power hedging contract products to realize computing power hedging transactions. RRMine also helps users to cope with the risks in the future market and overcome the market fluctuations through diversified computing power derivatives.

RRMine is accelerating its global business layout and actively expanding its market;

1.Accelerate the bottom-level expansion by ascending dimensions of speed;

Halving will not affect the expansion rate of RRMine and it will continue to speed up the progress of business development at the bottom level, continuously to expand the globally distributed computing base and establish a globally distributed computing supply network in China, the United States, Canada, Russia and other European countries. Among them, RRMine Platform in the US won the “world’s most beautiful mine” award. Meanwhile, RRMine has laid out a very excellent elite and high-tech team with more than 10 branches and more than 200 excellent employees, realizing a global business layout..

2.Build credible Computing Power with decentralized technology by ascending dimensions of trust;

Computing power itself is decentralized. RRMine brings more complete trust to users through bottom-level “decentralized” computing power asset management and achieves standardization, risk resistance, strong liquidity, decentralization, long-term stability and other characteristics to create multi-dimensional credible computing power assets through computing power contracts. At present, every single transaction data from RRMine is written to BHP public chain in real time and can be checked clearly and cannot be tampered with which has achieved the decentralized distribution method and made the distribution of computing power becomes open and transparent.

3.Ascending the dimension of Market, RRMine looks at the value of computing power as the basic energy of the digital world.

Computing power itself is a good asset and the new “energy” that will power all smart devices in the future and the year 2020 is the first year of the world infrastructure construction of computing power. Based on the fact that computing power is one of the most innovative and core productive forces in the digital economy, RRMine is committed to building the infrastructure for global computing assets. In the eyes of RRMine, the future of computing power industry is not only a market supported by BTC price but also a decentralized platform for computing power asset management and trading which facing the broad sky of the computing power market and we look at the market behind computing power assets as the basic energy of the digital world. We will put patience and speed into the hundreds of billions of dreams, try our best to become the representative of the computing power world and make contributions to the industry.

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