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MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / May 20, 2020 / Joshua’s Heart Foundation (JHF) has a knack for grooming youth into philanthropic minded young adults. Young people typically volunteer for the opportunity to gain valuable service hours for their graduation requirements. However, the value of the experiences and lessons learned during their JHF tenure proves immeasurable.

In a virtual award ceremony, hosted by NBC6 Morning News anchor, Johnny Archer, Joshua’s Heart held its 2020 JHF Extra Mile Awards Ceremony. They recognize ten outstanding volunteers and Junior Advisory Board (JAB)Members for outstanding contribution to the movement and the mission. These ten individuals went above and beyond the call of duty to serve the most vulnerable members in South Florida communities.

Introducing the JHF 2020 Extra Mile Award Honorees:

  • Jack Flittner – a 5-year veteran of JHF, Jack continually supports all Foundation activities. His impact on the Boca Raton JAB is undeniable. Fundraising and donations of food, pasta, rice and toys to every JHF Boca distribution has helped propel the chapter forward and has been a major contribution towards the success of the club.
  • Katherine Weiss – a volunteer with JHF since the 7th grade, Katherine worked diligently in all her volunteer activities and eventually became a member of the Junior Advisory Board – Boca Raton in 2018. She is consistent in her fundraising activities and is a powerful advocate of JHF spreading awareness of the problems facing society and how young people can make a difference one person at a time and by being a member of JHF.
  • Corynn Moraca – joined JHF in 5th grade in 2015. Another Boca Raton veteran, Corynn has not only donated all main staples to every JHF food distribution, she continually works towards lifting spirits of the most underserved members of society though letter writing campaigns to families served and by her focused commitment to helping the survivors of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas.
  • Ariana Unda – a JHF member since the 9th grade, Ariana is an avid fundraiser for the Foundation. Some of her projects includes the Guatemalan Bracelet Fundraising Project where she sold handmade bracelets from her homeland and the Youth 4 Women Project to aid homeless women obtain personal toiletries. Today in her 3rd year Ariana serves as Vice Chair in JHF Miami.
  • Sean Kim – a fairly new member of JAB, Sean loves being a part of JHF and has attended just about every JHF event since joining the group. He attends American Heritage and has a plan to recruit new volunteers for the cause. He has blogged twice for JHF with one blog being published in the organization, Bread for the World’s newsletter and the other on the JHF website. Sean has gotten the philanthropic bug and is ready to move full speed ahead with volunteering and raising funds to be the change in the lives of the less fortunate.
  • Sydnie Costa-Martinez – a natural leader, Sydnie has been volunteering with JHF since 2008. Through the years she has blossomed into a strong leader and held the position of Chair since 2019. Sydnie works diligently alongside Claudia and Joshua to further the mission, recruit new members and represent the company on behalf of the organization. In her role as Chair, she travelled to the United Nations to attend events with Joshua and functions as a premier leader delegating responsibility and managing events.
  • Sade Walker – a kind compassionate young lady with a passion for ministry, Sade became a JAB member in 2018. Sade volunteers as time allows at food distributions and at the food pantry. Always eager to help she steps in when asked and carries out all duties with strong commitment and with a positive perspective. Volunteering is in her veins as she serves at her family’s home church making a great impression on her group leader.
  • Analuisa Furiati – a volunteer since joining the group in 2018, Analuisa has grown and matured from her experiences being a member of JHF. She started attending JAB meetings where she became totally vested in the Foundation and the mission. Today she shares the position of Vice-Chair and executes her duties with conviction and grace. She loves giving to and taking care of the less fortunate and is totally grounded and committed to being the change.
  • Mary Logan Woolsey – an advocate for voluntary service, Mary enlists her time and treasure in several volunteer projects from school, church, JHF and her water polo team. She became a JAB member in the spring of 2016 when she was a 6th grader. Mary is committed to service and has taken all the skills she has learned being on JAB and incorporates on in all her volunteer activities.
  • Isabella Carvallo – is an advocate for helping the less fortunate. She joined JHF in the 8th grade as a volunteer serving the underserved before being accepted to JAB. Isabella raised money to support food distributions and toy giveaways for many years. Her intense focus on a Thanksgiving distribution garnered JHF 300 packages of pasta for the holiday giveaway. Upon entering high school, Isabella got involved with the Society and Me project where she chose JHF as her beneficiary organization. Isabella is grounded in JHF and enjoys being a JAB member while working towards the betterment of society. She looks forward to completing high school and all that belonging to JHF has to offer.

The 2020 Extra Mile Award presentation was sponsored by JAB member Mary’s parents Susan and David Woolsey. The event was organized by JAB members Ariana, Ana, Sydnie, Amogh, Sophia and JAB parent Bhavna. As shelter-in-place overwhelms the economy, ordinary people face unimaginable need. We see that need being fulfilled on many levels. Taking the opportunity to honor young people who recognize need in their communities 365 days a year under normal circumstances could not be overlooked. JHF wholeheartedly appreciates the work of all their JAB members and youth volunteers and proudly shares their accomplishments.

Joshua’s Heart Foundation (JHF)

JHF was founded in 2005 in Miami, Florida by Joshua when he was four and a half years old and is dedicated to the fight against global hunger and poverty. JHF is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit, which empowers needy people to improve their quality of life by providing necessities like groceries and personal items. We also effectively engage and educate young people in committing to fight hunger and poverty on a global basis. Learn more at






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