Hard Work Pays Off: Katie London’s Journey To Happiness & Success

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 28, 2020 / For Katie London, it would have been easy to continue her fame as a singer. She had already been performing to sold out tours alongside other famous artists and amassed a massive following online racking up streams by the millions. This was not enough for London.

A true renaissance woman, she began to write, mix, and create her own material. Alongside her business partner of seven years, David Connor, and in partnership with Peer Music, the two now manage artists, producers, and songwriters worldwide, but that is not even the end of Katie’s ventures. She has expanded her interests outside of music and got involved in other fields such as business and fashion to name a few.

“I became an artist because of my love for music but what’s incredible is that it’s been a way in to taking on other ventures alongside my passion which adds so much more value to my overall brand and uniqueness,” Katie says.

Katie London was signed by David Connor when she was just 17 years old. Though at first she was hesitant and lacked confidence in herself, she says Connor encouraged her to keep going.

“David encourages me daily to not just focus on music but to use my brand to further grow outside of music ventures.” Katie shares.

With the help and support of people around her, Katie was able to take off and become the music sensation she is today while also expanding her interests and skills. She decided to start her business of music production soon after her and Connor met.

“The mutual appreciation for music and interest in being involved in out of music ventures brought us together to become successful in all aspects.” She states.

From there, the business took off. The two were a very cohesive pair in which both of their talents were utilized to create numerous successful undertakings.

“David’s broad knowledge and understanding of business as well as multiple successful ventures from to charting apps to huge alcohol brands has meant that he is and continues to be the perfect mentor and has enabled me to learn and understand business even more.” Katie explains.

That is not to say that there have not been obstacles for Katie to overcome. Just like all of us, she has had her setbacks and challenges.

“One of the challenges I’ve faced within music and business is not being taken as seriously as I should be due to the fact I am a female in a very male dominated industry.” Katie confesses.

Katie speaks to a feeling that is felt by many women in industries where they are the minority. Though she has done work to make herself as versatile and successful as possible, people sometimes still see her as one dimensional.

“I’m sometimes seen as just an ‘influencer’ due to my online presence and I really struggle with making certain males within the industry see that I am much more than just a woman who posts pictures with a fanbase.” She says.

However, the vast majority of people see Katie for the incredibly talented person that she is. Her fans have supported her throughout her career and these hardships have not stopped Katie London from continuing her ventures.

“I’ve definitely faced plenty of no’s and silence with this particular treatment but I’ve also experienced mass respect from others and will never let this get in the way of my career.” Katie recounts. “Fear is a foreign word to me, I once met Tracy Morgan who told me a story about the first time he met Frank Sinatra in Las Vegas; Tracy asked him for one piece of advice, Frank replied ‘Never let them see you sweat kid’ – From that moment I never feared fear, I use anxiety to fuel me to believe in myself even more.”

The music field is one where everyone is trying to outshine the other, and there is competition every day to keep yourself relevant and at the top. To keep herself on top, Katie focuses on her goals and says that people starting their own business should always be one hundred percent focused and believe in themselves.

“Mindset is everything, I’m a strong willed person as is David.” Katie stresses.

The combined mindset and teamwork with David Connor has made all the difference. On the days when Katie feels herself the will to work hard that day, she uses the support of David and others around her to help her push through those difficult times.

Katie is currently working on a number of new projects. Her next major venture is working with an alcohol company to expand her brand. This company creates alcohol recipes and articles. She is going to be creating her own alcohol brand alongside the already established brands there.

Find more about Katie by following her instagram: @katielondon, and her business can be found at: https://www.britishbarbie.com/.


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