Inspiring Entrepreneurs To Follow In 2020

BALTIMORE, MD / ACCESSWIRE / May 16, 2020 / The first quarter of 2020 has come to a close, giving way to a new quarter. Despite what is happening in the world today with the pandemic, the economy, and everything else; there are people who can inspire us during these trying times.

Now, more than ever, entrepreneurs across the world will help us define what the next year and the rest of the new decade will be like. Today, we put together a list of who we consider to be some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs to follow in 2020.

So who are these individuals?

– Vasily Kichigin

Instagram: vasily17

Successful freelancer and digital marketing expert Vasily Kichigin is the founder of Freelance Hustle. Freelance Hustle is a digital marketing solutions provider that is focused on helping other people gain a stronger social presence on Instagram. It also empowers individuals by teaching them new skills that can be used to earn a living via social media.

Vasily Kichigin has carved a niche for himself as a professional freelancer, with his exceptional online marketing services helping to shoot him to the limelight not just as a freelancer but as a companion to businesses and individuals that want to leverage the internet to achieve success in the 21st century. His firm has grown over the years in acceptance and popularity, so much so that he works with celebrities, notable entrepreneurs, and mega brands located in different parts of the world.

Vasily’s remarkable success in such a short period was by no means an easy feat. In an interview some time ago, he revealed that the secret behind his success was nothing but transparency and the ability to hire good hands.

You can reach out to Vasily right here.

-Stephen L. Robinson

Instagram: stephenlrobinson

Stephen L. Robinson is a notable relationship coach in northeast America who resides in Piscataway, NJ. Stephen has been on an active mission pursuing God’s heart and pursuing God’s design when it comes to relationships. After two long term relationships failed, and a valuable lesson learned, God gave Stephen the vision to revolutionize relationships for the better using biblical principles. Today, his brand has helped heal countless relationships through coaching of biblical principles.

Stephen is also the head Tribe Leader for the Love & Relationship Ministry at Transparency Church. Recently, Stephen was a featured guest speaker on the Niki Marie 2020 Vision On Relationship Day Conference. Where he got to collaborate with some powerhouses in the Relationship Niche industry.

Right now, Stephen is working on his first book titled T.R.U.S.T.I.N.G love ( 8 Letters That Will Revolutionize Your Relationship). It’s slated for release on the 5th of June, 2020. This book will be a game-changer for all relationships if they apply its principles.

– Eyad Abbas

Instagram: eyadabbas_

Boston born entrepreneur Eyad Abbas is a stock trader and the founder of Empower Trading Academy; a firm in the self-education space. Eyad and his team educate beginners and experts on how the stock market works and how to leverage it to achieve financial security.

Eyad wasn’t always the prolific stock trader he is today when he graduated from high school, he had his eyes set on becoming a professional trumpet player. As he progressed through college, he thought a bit further into the future and pictured what life would be like. He understood that musicians generally did not earn a lot of money, and although he was okay with that, the thing that bothered him the most was the fact that he was trying to emotionally liberate himself by being a musician.

However, the financial burdens he would have faced in the future, had he chosen that path, would have made it very difficult for him to be emotionally balanced. He sought a solution.

A few months later, Eyad stumbled across a stock trading video on YouTube. After watching the video, he realized that stock trading is a skill that he needed to learn to secure his financial future. Over the next ten months, Eyad generated Tens of thousands of dollars from an investment of about $2000. In just two years, Eyad has been able to financially liberate himself, forever freeing him from the need to work a 9-5 job.

A while ago, Eyad’s business was focused on teaching groups of people located in Boston, but right now, he’s aiming to build a community of people from all around the world via his private online community where he trades live every single day and shares information with traders from every level. This week he’ll be launching his brand new online stock trading course which covers everything you need to know about how to trade in the stock market.

Nika Moeini

Instagram: thepositivityboss

Nika Moeini is a 24-year-old mindset coach, author, and mentor to hundreds of young women. At 16, she began her entrepreneurial journey with her first non-profit organization, Global Green Alliance, which hosted conferences across Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary based on social entrepreneurship applied to climate action. Nika’s passion for social change led her to acquire an undergraduate and graduate degree in International Affairs, where she focused specifically on finding the missing link to finance the Sustainable Development Goals.

Along the way, Nika wrote a book on careers in international affairs for youth called “International Relations for Young World Changers and started a podcast called Seven Trillion, where she explores innovative financing for development. Some time ago, Nika was awarded the youngest Canada’s Future Foreign Policy Makers award by Open Canada at the age of 22. She’s also spent time working in nonprofits CARE Canada and in gender equality policy at Global Affairs Canada.

Wanting to make a more individual level impact, Nika started a mindset coaching business called The Positivity Boss; where she encourages youth to adopt a positive mindset- The Positivity Boss has an extensive network on Youtube, podcasts, and Facebook. Currently, Nika and her team of 100+ individuals coaches young women to start their own successful business as mindset and marketing coaches.

She’s growing a team of ambitious young women and bringing on 600 new business partners to the Positivity Bosses team in May.

-Jesus Sauceda

Instagram: dropoutjesus

21-year-old Jesus Sauceda is a Forex trader from Los Fresnos, Texas who is currently serving over 110 students in his mentorship program called the 1% Gold Traders. Jesus is well versed in topics such as Gold(XAU/USD), crypto, indices, and currencies. He’s also part of the trade team called ” Wifi Checks” which was founded in April 2020.

Over the years, Jesus has had to overcome many obstacles. When he first started, Jesus lost over $30k in the forex market. He also had a total following of 100k+ on the social media platform Twitter, and generated 4 figures a month just from retweets; this ultimately led to the account being shut down. Jesus failed in every way possible until he figured out that the patterns in the market kept repeating.

Yes, he’s had a lot of low moments in life, but that forged him into the successful trader he is today. Currently, Jesus has been able to make $10k multiple times in a week. His most notable achievement was when he made a total of $12.5k in just 12 hours of trading gold.

Soon, Jesus plans to launch a Youtube Lifestyle Content Channel which would include vlogs with the WiFi Checks Trade team.

Magdalèna Kalley

Instagram: Magdushya

Magdalena Kalley is a 32-year old life coach who was born and raised in Germany. Magdalèna used to be a professional dancer up until 2007 when a serious knee accident ended her career. A lot of problems, both physical and emotional, arose due to the accident and this made Magdalèna attend numerous therapy sessions to help her heal.

Even though she attended therapy she still didn’t feel a hundred percent. A step in the right direction, for her, came when she discovered new therapy methods such as self-help, coaching, and hypnosis.

Today, she has recovered from years of desolation and loneliness and, sails through life as a coach who helps people out of depressing situations.

Magdalèna turned her life around through the use of therapy techniques such as hypnosis and, today, she does the same for all her client’s; For her clients, she uses various techniques such as Neuro-Linguistics Programming( N.L.P), Hypnosis, guided meditation and recirculation to help heal them from whatever pain they’ve experienced. Magdalèna can be contacted via her Instagram page.


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