Introducing AWARE, a First of its Kind Privacy-Focused Contact Tracing Exchange for Covid-19 Tracking & Transmission Prevention

RALEIGH, N.C., May 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the AWARE Contact Tracing Exchange has been launched through a partnership between artificial intelligence (AI) technology company Diveplane and IoT integration solution provider Knowmadics, IT infrastructure & solution provider Iron Bow Technologies. The first of its kind solution was developed to fight Covid-19 transmission, and boasts a distinct focus on maintaining best-in-class data privacy. AWARE facilitates the accurate, effective and secure study of contact tracing data for healthcare companies and government agencies to assist in successfully slowing the spread of the virus.

Government institutions and healthcare systems are scrambling to find solutions that interrupt the transmission of Covid-19, but adverse impacts on privacy have been a major hurdle in contact tracing performance, solution credibility and trust. AWARE was developed with data privacy as the absolute priority, and still addresses the urgent need to track and trace the virus with full consideration to the essential component of privacy protection.

“In order for contact tracing to be an effective transmission-halting measure, it must fundamentally preserve privacy,” said Mike Capps, Diveplane’s Co-founder and CEO. “In a time when there is already so much anxiety around the unknown, AWARE provides the resolute peace of mind that all user, patient, location and any other potentially sensitive information is securely transported, processed and delivered through synthetic channels that use best-in-class data anonymization provided by Diveplane GEMINAI.”

The AWARE solution translates data collected from its web and mobile platform, public records and patient health data into synthetic models that maintain highly accurate statistical relevance but contains no personal information. As a result, AWARE safely and securely supports each objective of successful contact tracing, including interrupting the spread of the disease, enabling more accurate epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment and preventing reinfection.

“Contact tracing is paramount to obstructing the spread of this virus,” stated Paul Maguire, CEO of Knowmadics. “For a tracing technology to be widely adopted and significantly impactful, it needs to be intuitive and user-friendly. AWARE balances disrupting the spread of infection without interrupting existing government and healthcare organization communication protocols, and provides a holistic and measurable aggregate of data to ensure the clearest insights possible.”

AWARE sources patient health data, public records, traffic, retail and emergency response data and population genetic statistics. It can be used to aggregate and convert this real and sensitive information through synthetic channels with powerful anonymization and benchmarking to prevent any coincidental similarities to the original data.

The AWARE dashboard, where weekly and monthly testing trends, current appointment statuses and facility capacity charts can be viewed at-a-glance, is stored and operated within a secure AWS cloud. Real-time reports and updates allow users to identify and track trends and virus hotspots as they emerge, alerting healthcare organizations and government agencies instantly and enabling them to take immediate appropriate action.

“The usage, maintenance and safe distribution of healthcare information has always been a key tenant of our mission, and there’s never been a time quite like the present to demonstrate the critical need for data sharing,” said Scott Sanner, General Manager of Iron Bow’s Healthcare and Federal Civilian Agencies. “AWARE is setting the bar high for contact tracing technology, and we look forward to the large-scale impact it will have on transmission tracking.”

This combination of state-of-the-art data collection and leading-edge synthetic data wrapped in a DoD-grade safeguarded infrastructure will revolutionize pandemic contact tracing and positions AWARE as a leading exemplar and a technology benchmark.

About Diveplane
Diveplane is keeping the humanity in artificial intelligence (AI). The company was founded by Dr. Michael Capps, former President of Epic Games, in 2018 and develops technology that helps businesses and government organizations understand AI with a trainable, interpretable and auditable. Diveplane is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. For more information on Diveplane, please visit or follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Iron Bow Technologies
Iron Bow Technologies is a leading IT solution provider dedicated to successfully transforming clients’ technology investments into robust business capabilities. Working with government, commercial and healthcare clients, Iron Bow brings a depth of technical expertise as well as domain and market knowledge to deliver the right solution to achieve desired business outcomes. Iron Bow partners with clients from planning and implementation through ongoing maintenance and management to deliver solutions that are strong, flexible and on target with their mission. Iron Bow’s global reach and strategic partnerships with industry leaders as well as disruptive technology partners ensures clients implement appropriate cutting edge technology in support of objectives. Learn more at

About Knowmadics Security Solutions
Knowmadics provides white label solutions to governments and corporations to assist them in their digital transformation (DxF) challenges. The company remotely connects and manages 1000s of devices from 100s of manufacturers. Its patented exportable platform increases enterprise asset visibility, asset safety, and drives efficiency into operations. Knowmadics solves the complex device and data problems in a hyper connected world that is unfortunately broken up into silos of excellence. The company provides white label solutions to governments and corporations to assist them in their digital transformation (DxF) challenges. By remotely connecting and managing 1000s of devices from 100s of manufacturers, its patented exportable platform increases enterprise asset visibility, asset safety, and drives efficiency into operations. Learn more at

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