Introducing Jonathan Molendijk 8 Figure Dropshipper Turned Freedom Guru

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / May 18, 2020 / Every day, you come across lots of people running lots of businesses. Why is it then, that only a handful of them earn a permanent place in people’s minds? If you think carefully, these are the people that add value to your life with their services.

And this is exactly why you’ll never forget Jonathan Molendijk once you learn about him.

Who is Jonathan Molendijk?

Jonathan Molendijk is a one-man army on a mission to add value to the community around him, one service at a time. He has been successfully running two white-label brands, one dropshipping general store, and an Amazon FBA Empire for about two years now. Having transformed his life physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially, he is now on a mission to give his knowledge back to the community through his YouTube channel “Ecom Creed”.

Jonathan’s story is every common man’s story. Back in 2018 when he started his journey, Jonathan struggled with small wins and losses for six months. However, his constant hard work and acumen didn’t let him deter from his goals and when he had his first break-through with a six-figure store, he knew there was no looking back.

Today, he uses the knowledge he gathered every step of the way to give back to the community by unraveling business techniques that can help anyone run a successful online business. His YouTube channel “Ecom Creed” is filled with incredible information regarding Dropshipping and Branding, such that his viewers benefit from Jonathan’s own mistakes and learnings through his journey.

Follow Jonathan’s channel “Ecom Creed”:

But that’s not it. Each bit of information on his channel is as transparent as it can get. Through his videos, he takes you in-depth, behind the scenes of his stores, showing you the backend funnels, and giving you in-depth instruction on how exactly you can scale stores from zero to $100,000 per month.

Jonathan’s “Ecom Creed” is a part of his “Molendijk Media Group” venture that also has two other YouTube channels, a Facebook page, and an Instagram page to its credit. On his YouTube channel “Perceived Podcast”, Jonathan speaks of topics that are of interest to him. His namesake channel “Jonathan Molendijk” is a goldmine of personal care and lifestyle videos ranging from cooking tips to gym hacks, and meditation and relaxation techniques. For regular updates about what Jonathan is up to, his videos, and his podcasts, follow him on Instagram where he posts all his latest updates.

The Ominira Global Foundation

The Ominira Global Foundation is a non-profit founded by Jonathan with the intent of giving back to the society, not just financially, but also morally and emotionally to the people and communities that are of immense value to him. The organization mainly focuses on three main outreach categories: support and enabling self-sufficiency for single parents, nature rehabilitation, community building, and mental health and awareness programs for young adults suffering from mental health issues. Through the Ominira Global Foundation, Jonathan wants to reach out to communities facing the same issues he faced in his growing years and do his bit in helping them overcome their problems.

Started From the Bottom

Now that you know about what Jonathan does, you’ll be amazed to find out why he does all this so passionately.

They say there’s opportunity even in adversity.

And Jonathan understood this from a very ripe age. Growing up in a household of 5 kids, at a young age his parents got divorced and his mother was taking any job she could get cleaning houses to provide for their family. 5 kids and one completely broken mother living on a $35,000 family income, he truly understands what being broke is. From standing in lines for food and gift charities to wearing hand-me-downs for over six years, Jonathan has seen his fair share of tough times.

However, he decided to see things differently once and for all and that change of vision transformed his life completely. Since then, Jonathan decided to push his limits and made financial freedom his dream. He then chased his dreams, becoming a better version of himself every day, till one day he saw his first six-figure store boom. This is when he tasted financial freedom and vowed to make life better for himself and the people around him by harnessing the power of social media.

In Jonathan’s own words “Your life is your life, all that’s required is for you to start living it. THIS WORLD NEEDS YOU. The unique gifts you have to offer need to be shared with the world. Stop living a life that’s not your own, engage with the world as your true self. Step into the real you, connect with your soul and become the person you’re destined to be.”

Jonathan’s YouTube channel “Ecom Creed” is a testament to what willpower can do and he is on a path to teach you that if he can do it, so can you. The path to building a successful online e-commerce empire is definitely challenging and Jonathan is here to lend everyone interested a helping hand.

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