Introduction To AladiEx: Building the Revolution Using Blockchain to Finance MSME Businesses

THE VALLEY, ANGUILLA / ACCESSWIRE / May 5, 2020 / Today, when the situation of the global economy is bleak and thousands of businesses are forced to close because of the current global pandemic, the world is looking at private enterprises to provide solutions to tackle this problem. AladiEx, a unique blockchain-powered ecosystem, has emerged as the perfect solution to bridge the gap between investors and businesses, amid such harsh economic times.

What is AladiEx?

AladiEx is a digital platform that provides the much-needed support Micro, Small and Medium-sized businesses need by enabling them to raise funds for their projects globally at a low cost, eliminating the business challenges. The unique blockchain ecosystem solution not only supports business financing but also helps investors worldwide to invest in potential projects easily and enables them to manage their assets with the use of advanced trading tools.

How AladiEx will Change the Future of Investments

AladiEx is built on the idea that MSMEs i.e. micro, small, and medium enterprises are the powerful forces behind economic growth, and Blockchain technology can radically change the way these companies raise funds, speeding up the engine of growth.
With its inherent features, blockchain technology enables enterprises to raise funds to ensure the smooth operations of their companies. The AladiEx platform leverages this potential of blockchain to greatly improve the outlook for many businesses that are currently having money issues, ultimately giving MSMEs improved access to finance.

At its foundation, the AladiEx ecosystem connects the MSME’s and Investors. The Aladiex launchpad will allow MSMEs to take their projects live while the financial Supply from Investors on the other side of the platform provides funding to them. This foundation of the AladiEx ecosystem allows the system to take care of funding MSME growth operations. For the seamless integration of business activities with the AladiEx model, the platform allows businesses to tokenize their assets and gain access to this innovative source of capital.

Understanding the AladiEx Funding Model

The world has been skeptical about blockchain fundraising because of many scams and failed projects that have happened over the years. To promote trust and transparency and in order to avoid frauds, the AladiEx funding model is based first on the evaluation by AladieEx before they are given access and then on the achievement of key milestones by the companies. On the platform, each funding round is based on the companies meeting their KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). On AladiEx milestones are measured in terms of KPIs and once agreed KPIs have been met, the next funding round can start. Thus, ensuring that the aim and objective of the funding is achieved.

Conclusion: AladiEx Driving The Blockchain Revolution

As the developments in blockchain are advancing, the Blockchain revolution will have a significant impact on capital market architecture. The AladiEx platform will assist businesses to ‘realize every dream’ by enabling 1,000,000 MSME businesses to receive their funding needs over the next 5 years! The AladiEx ecosystem leverages blockchain technology to radically modify how global companies raise funds in the most secure and transparent manner!

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