Kogniz Health Launches Comprehensive, All-in-One AI Platform to Help People Get Back to Work Safely

The multi-faceted Kogniz Health Response Platform is the only solution that offers social distancing enforcement, contact exposure tracing, high-flow continuous temperature monitoring, and mask detection

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 19, 2020 / Kogniz, an innovator in security and machine learning, is launching the most comprehensive AI platform available today to help get people back to work and keep them safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. The Kogniz Health Response Platform is the only automated system that offers no-contact, high-volume temperature screening, contact tracing, social distancing enforcement, mask detection, and more.

“People are eager to resume work,” said Daniel Putterman, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Kogniz. “As we slowly start to reopen communities around the world, employers have an ethical obligation to safeguard employees, guests and their communities. Our solution enables organizations from big box stores to campuses to operate as safely and efficiently as possible.”

The Kogniz Health Response Platform includes:

  • No-contact, multi-person, real-time temperature monitoring. The platform continuously measures body temperatures of large groups of people entering a building from up to sixteen feet away and provides accurate results even when it is cold or hot outside.
  • Social distancing enforcement. An optional extension enables existing surveillance cameras powered by the Kogniz Health Response Platform to send alerts to designated personnel when too many people are in a space, enabling organizations to swiftly enforce social distancing protocols.
  • Contact exposure detection. An optional extension enables existing surveillance cameras powered by the Kogniz Health Response Platform to identify those who come into contact with people displaying symptoms.
  • Mask detection. Ensures that employees and guests follow protective gear policies.
  • Minimal hardware. Small, user-friendly footprints and flexible topologies enable most companies to install and begin using the platform in ten minutes or less.

Prior to launching the Kogniz Health Response Platform, the Kogniz AI researchers spent years developing the cutting-edge detection algorithms and customizable rules that form the nexus of the Kogniz platform, deploying the resulting Kogniz Security Platform in Fortune 500 security installations around the world. Those algorithms and intellectual property enabled the Kogniz team to quickly extend their security solution to the Kogniz Health Platform that now protects food processing plants, warehouses, government centers, office buildings, and more.

“Companies are extremely cautious and concerned as they plan to reopen. Employees should expect significant changes, including wearing masks, greater distances between desks, and rotating office time,” Putterman explained. “Powerful yet unobtrusive technology like ours provides an additional layer of protection that will make the return to work safer and healthier for everyone.”

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The Kogniz team comprises top AI scientists, researchers and software developers who create and parlay innovative algorithms and machine-learning methodologies into user-friendly software platforms that ensure the health and safety of employees, organizations, and communities around the world. Based on the latest developments in deep-learning artificial intelligence, the Kogniz Health Response Platform leverages a combination of facial recognition, body tracking, temperature monitoring, and customizable real-time alerts to provide invaluable health and safety data with almost no training or setup. For more information visit www.kogniz.com.

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