Leyes Media and The Relevance of Social Media Marketing During This Digital Age

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / May 15, 2020 / The value of social media in society is increasing every day, and not only as part of a routine but as a fundamental work tool. Leyes Media has understood this concept, and it arises with the purpose of helping public figures, companies, and entrepreneurs in their growth within the networks.

The agency, owned by the entrepreneur Kevin Leyes, was born as an indispensable part of the projects he carried out to make his brand and company known, Team Leyes. At only 19 years old, this young Argentinean has a considerable background and knowledge of social media and the Internet in general.

He owns the portfolio and group of companies Leyes Enterprises, and Team Leyes, a company dedicated to the design and customization of urban jewelry, which began as a simple venture in social media and now is an internationally recognized brand.

It has been precisely the techniques applied for the growth of this latter company in social media and previous experiences full of stumbling and learning, which have led this young entrepreneur to start with this international agency.

From Kevin’s own conceptualization, “Leyes Media is a social media marketing and public relations agency dedicated to helping influencers, public figures, artists, and entrepreneurs to have a greater reach and growth in social media”. The results show that clients become leaders and references in their niches, and all this is possible through the growth and marketing strategies employed by the agency and its team of experts.

Generation Z: The New Ways of Exposure and Marketing

Until recently, a TV or radio campaign was more than enough to sell or simply to gain social recognition. Explaining the benefits of a product through a television spot was enough to ensure sales. This has changed, with the arrival of Generation Z.

Those born between 1996 and 2010 are known as this generation. That is the digital natives par excellence. Since they have grown up in the midst of a technological boom, information and entertainment for this generation are available in one place: the Internet.

So, how can a brand or company come to attract the attention of these young people? That’s the big challenge, and that’s where Leyes Media focuses its goals.

Kevin Leyes, CEO of Leyes Media, points out that nowadays consumers do not want to know the characteristics of a product, but “why” they should be part of it. There is talk of being part of it, given that beyond buying, it consists of joining the brand.

In this context, he highlights that nowadays, artists, influencers, and entrepreneurs need to bet and open space in new communication channels: social media. Where it is not a question of promoting your brand, or company, but of creating a connection with your followers that will allow you to obtain that recognition and thus gain greater influence in this scenario.

In view of this, Leyes Media promotes the necessary actions to give its clients the possibility of achieving this recognition. Besides helping to create value proposals that generate in the followers the need to establish a connection with them.

The advertising and marketing agency in social media has an experienced staff that guides its clients in the process and instructs about the importance of maintaining a well trained digital presence on the Internet.

The latter, because the content of social media, is the first impression users will get of a brand, person, or company. Therefore, having knowledge about the proper handling of the content will provide greater authenticity and value to the brand.

Connection and Authenticity in Social Media

Nowadays, the transmission of values, two-way communication, and authenticity are more important than creating advertisements without the content-generating a positive impact on potential followers.

It is here that influencing marketing has become very important, which has allowed people with a large number of followers to serve as partners of companies or brands to publicize their products.

However, Leyes Media emphasizes that this aspect requires taking into account the elements mentioned, especially authenticity. Because they consider that it is more profitable to make use of influencing marketing more focused on the naturalness of a person, than on the number of followers they have.

At present, the advertising agency has an established portfolio of clients, to whom they provide the necessary advice to obtain exceptional results. While they focus on the performance and internal growth of the company, through constant learning.

“This technological environment requires constant updating, learning, and progress,” says Leyes, who is also characterized as a self-taught person and advises other entrepreneurs to remain willing to take advantage of the current technological tools to ensure a positive evolution of their company or brand.

To learn more about Leyes Media and Leyes Enterprises, visit leyesmedia.com and leyesent.com. You can contact Kevin’s team at booking@kevinleyes.com or phone them through +54 9 11 2267-9932.

SOURCE: Leyes Enterprises

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