Lohit Group Harnesses Blockchain and Other Advanced Technologies to Provide Financial Independence

Lohit Group introduces a number of technology-backed platforms including a robust cryptocurrency exchange, to offer advanced financial solutions

DELHI, INDIA / ACCESSWIRE / May 5, 2020 / The world economy is an interconnected grid, where the economic circumstances in one country can have a massive impact on other geographies. This concept is extremely relevant in the present scenario, as the global financial dynamics have taken a turn in the wake of the pandemic. And, it is fair to say that this economic turnaround might well be a cause of concern for years to come. We have hit a roadblock, where millions are searching for jobs to sustain themselves, while employers are looking to hire the right employees for their businesses. Unfortunately, there is a gap that is preventing optimal usage of available resources, and in turn affecting the economy, which is already in a sensitive state. Lohit Group has come up with a technology-based solution to address the problem.

About Lohit Group

Originally founded in 1998, Lohit Group is a technology company that deals in financial services and fund management. Over the years, it has worked with a number of businesses at all scales and helped them succeed by providing various financial services and trading tools. More recently, it has forayed into advanced technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, etc. By harnessing these technologies, Lohit Group aims to create applications, tools, and platforms using which businesses and individuals will be able to weather out the effects of any economic instability.

Major Services

Workbooking is a multi-faceted and integrated online platform that is aimed to benefit both job-seekers as well as employers. It creates a seamless bridge between businesses and potential employees, thus helping make optimal usage of human resources. The platform is equipped with automatic selection features based on preferred geographic location, timetable, job nature, and salary. While this allows job-seekers to set their preference, it also enables employers to select the right fit for their businesses. All in all, Workbooking is a win-win for both entities, which in turn benefits the entire employment scenario.

In order to keep up the recent economic digitalization, Lohit Group also offers blockchain and cryptocurrency-based products and solutions. The crypto industry is definitely growing in India, especially with a number of foreign investments off late. To leverage that potential, Lohit Group provides the following services – Crypto Wallet, Crypto Exchange, Binary Options.

Lohit Crypto Wallet: This constitutes a smart and secure cryptocurrency wallet, which can be used to store digital currency and make hassle-free crypto payments. The product is integrated with a scalable and efficient blockchain-based platform, that can deploy multi-purpose applications while delivering a seamless crypto payment experience.

Lohitex: It is an in-house cryptocurrency exchange developed by the Lohit Group. The platform enables cryptocurrency trading with a number of pairs. It is also equipped with advanced trading features and efficient algorithms that offer low-risk crypto trading facilities like modern trading tools, and instant withdrawal. Moreover, Lohitex has integrated smart contracts to ensure asset safety on the platform.

All services and products on the Lohit Group platforms are powered by its native token named LHO, which facilitates all transactions within the company’s ecosystem. The token already has high liquidity and large transaction volumes.

Lohit Group has also made all its products and services extremely accessible – be it workbooking, Lohitex, or the crypto wallet. All of these can be operated from both iOS and Android devices, alongside its website.

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