Loranique Sears Inspires and Invites You to Join Her Truth

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 16, 2020 / Loranique Sears is a woman who seeks to influence and uplift others with her story and the lessons she has learned throughout her life. Loranique is an experienced brand consultant, and a motivational speaker and influencer. She was born in Brookwood, Alabama, and on top of being a successful career woman, she is now happily married with 3 biological kids and 2 step kids.

Loranique is best known for her leadership skills and influence. However, before becoming a motivational speaker, she wanted to get an education and then build herself up careerwise. Loranique attended Ashford University in Alabama under the Applied Behavioral Psychology course. She wanted to be an entrepreneur, so she and her husband also launched their own business called ‘Seariously Smoking.’ Loranique was also employed as a Global Training Assistant and a Senior Accountant Consultant for one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the world. Working in the corporate industry gave her an incredibly valuable experience she needed and the opportunity to become an expert in her field.

By working with the telecommunication company’s employer brand marketing team, Loranique was able to master the art of social media, and learned to navigate the web to utilize it for maximum potential. She applied these skills through establishing proactive engagement on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Loranique was dedicated to working on employee story campaigns by creating realistic career previews and assisting internal advocates or influencers in enhancing their career brand. Moreover, she created her own internship in the marketing and social media side of the business with no degree.

She takes pride in the fact that despite struggling and trying to balance being a teen mom and a budding entrepreneur and employee, she was able to raise her children and find a career that helps her change other people’s lives. Through her hard work and dedication, Loranique’s daughter is set to graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree next year from Talladega College.

“Each one, teach one,” is an ideology that Loranique lives on and shares. Currently, Loranique’s career is more focused on influencing and inspiring people, especially African-Americans. In 2019, she started the ‘So Join her Truth’ movement as she believes in the power of genuinely caring for others and acting on those intentions. Loranique describes herself as a person who is an open book, someone who lives and speaks with transparency. Her purpose is to inspire someone, if not everyone, to keep moving ahead no matter what.

Loranique aims to help others rise above any situation or social stigma with her guidance. She also wishes to reach out to the older population who may not have necessarily had an education.

‘So Join Her Truth’ can be found on Facebook with a steadily growing number of followers. If you want to join Loranique on her journey, and if you wish to find out how she can inspire you too, visit her Facebook page, check out her Instagram, send an email to loraniqueh@gmail.com, or even give her a call on (205) 413-3889.

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