Materna Medical Launches New Website to Empower More Women and Clinicians

Bringing gradual, simple solutions to an underserved market of women across the U.S.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 19, 2020 / Materna Medical (Materna), a MedTech company developing products to help protect women’s pelvic health, has launched a new website for Milli™, an all-in-one vaginal trainer, empowering women to overcome vaginal tightness in an easy, comfortable, and convenient way. Milli’s new website will also support clinicians looking for effective products to use with patients experiencing chronic pelvic floor tightness. Milli’s new website ( will become a useful resource center and continue being a consumer site for direct online product purchases.

Milli’s redesign includes: Simplified navigation, more resources and guides contributed by Milli, women’s health industry partners, and pelvic health medical experts, updated content, and a user-friendly shopping and purchase experience.

“We are excited to have launched Milli’s new website so we help more women understand their own pelvic health and to see a new possibility for intimacy and sexual wellness. We feel honored to have a network of our pelvic health experts and affiliated partners helping us drive more resources and spreading the word about the benefits of using all-in-one vaginal trainers to help be part of the solution to overcome vaginal tightness,” said Materna’s CEO, Tracy MacNeal.

Milli was developed by a team of innovators from The Biodesign Program at Stanford University and in collaboration with some of the world’s top gynecologists specializing in women’s health and intimate needs. Milli’s team of engineers, physicians, and pelvic physical therapists wanted to create a gentle, gradually-expanding product that is easy to use, comfortable, and convenient for women of all ages.

“Milli offers ease and comfort to women trying to overcome chronic vaginal tightness, which is five times more common than erectile dysfunction. Chronic vaginal tightness historically had little in the way of education, awareness, and innovation. Milli is the first-to-market and unique because of its millimeter-by-millimeter adjustable sizing, digital tracking display, and low and high optional vibration. This helps women gradually expand their vagina while still soothing and relaxing their muscles at a pace they can control and monitor. In over 25 years of working in women’s health, I’ve rarely seen such a simple solution like Milli support an underserved market,” commented Michaela Griggs. Mrs. Griggs is Materna’s most recent addition to its Board of Directors.

Chronic pelvic floor tightness affects over 25 million women in the US alone, making sexual penetration painful or impossible. According to the Journal of The North American Menopause Society WISDOM survey results, menopause, cancer treatment, fibroids, endometriosis, and many other conditions can cause pelvic pain, and in some women, the body’s natural response to pain is to brace itself by contracting the pelvic floor. The results of this survey also showed this contraction triggers a self-perpetuating cycle where the contraction can make the pain even worse, creating anxiety, which causes more contraction.

“Milli offers an important opportunity to help women of all ages. In my practice, I see patients who have attempted seeing many health care professionals, been put on various treatment plans, undergo emotional therapy services, and use multiple products to overcome these vaginal penetration pain difficulties,” commented Dr. Michael Krychman, a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist, clinical sexual counselor, and author. “Chronic pelvic floor pain and tightness impacts intimate health for women and their partners. Milli is a key component in the overall treatment paradigm that will improve sexual wellness, partner relationships, and long-term women’s pelvic health.”

Through Milli’s new website, Materna is responding to the increased demand of clinicians to serve more women. Milli has a waiting list to its clinician affiliate program of over 200 OB/GYN practitioners who want to demonstrate and refer Milli to their patients.

“At Materna, women’s health is at the center of everything we do. We normalize the conversation about women’s pelvic health and provide innovation that is long overdue. We believe that when women are happier and healthier, the world is happier and healthier. We are thrilled to see Milli expand to more women across the U.S.,” stated Mrs. MacNeal.

About Materna Medical:

Materna Medical (Materna) is a medical device company that develops products to help improve women’s sexual and pelvic health. Materna empowers women to be safe, healthy, and heard™. Created from the BioDesign Program at Stanford University, Materna is a start-up-in-residence of the Fogarty Institute for Innovation in Mountain View, CA.

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About Milli:

Milli is an all-in-one vaginal trainer that empowers women with vaginal tightness to enjoy sexual activities and improve their intimate health. Milli provides millimeter-by-millimeter expansion that is convenient, comfortable, and easy for her.

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