Medallia Launches Medallia Speech

Brings Speech into Medallia Experience Cloud to Deliver Holistic View of the Customer Journey and Improve Call Center Efficiency

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Medallia, Inc. (NYSE: MDLA), the global leader in experience management, today launched Medallia Speech, bringing world leading speech analytics into Medallia Experience Cloud, giving customers a single view of customer experience insights in one platform.

Contact center volumes are booming, and each call holds critical signals that when unlocked, can have massive impact on experiences and the bottom line. Medallia Speech adds real-time, best-in-class voice transcription at scale, and speech analytics to analyze millions of call hours—including sentiment—to Medallia Experience Cloud which, combined with text analytics as well as insights from digital, video and other channels, provides a rich and comprehensive understanding of the end-to-end customer journey.

“There is a gold mine of insights in speech and video – two massive and growing channels – and Medallia is the only experience management platform to combine all of the human communication methods being used to gain feedback into a single platform, delivering the richest set of insights to take action on,” said Leslie Stretch, chief executive officer for Medallia.

The solution surfaces information about customer satisfaction, potential churn and call center agent performance to drive contact center efficiencies and business outcomes for leaders across organizations including:

Call Center Leaders – help reduce costs and drive new levels of performance by identifying agents that require coaching, and combined with Medallia Action Intelligence, identify customers who need attention and give agents actionable suggestions.

Marketing Leaders – reduce churn by providing clear actions to resolve each customer issue and increase sales by identifying which customers are most likely to respond to cross-sell and upsell campaigns in real-time.

Insights Leaders – gain deep insights by combining signals from various structured and unstructured sources including calls, videos and other feedback methods.

Corporate Executives – get a holistic view of the customer experience across the omnichannel journey through the combination of Medallia Speech with Medallia Experience Cloud.

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