Michael Hummel Shares How Modern Media is Taking “Unknown” Businesses & Helping Them Thrive Financially During & After The COVID-19 Pandemic

Michael Hummel, Max Muir, & Caleb Hellinger have today been recognized in the media and marketing industry as they continuously innovate branding and lead generation as a service. Experts in working and understanding local businesses inside out, they have shared their reflections and advice in an interview

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 12, 2020 / Right now, to say we are in an uncharted territory would be an understatement… With a pandemic and talk of a recession heading our way, now is a crucial time for any business. What’s the one thing you need now more than ever, you ask? Attention & Authority!

At Modern Media, Michael Hummel, Max Muir, & Caleb Hellinger have combined their industry expertise and knowledge to build a company that’s creating everlasting change for business owners. The founders have now turned their entire focus to the Media Advertising and Marketing sphere to help business owners, influencers, and entrepreneurs; showcase their brand through leveraging big media outlets such as ABC, FOX, NBC, Yahoo!, Reuters and many more.

Modern Media has built relationships in a vast network of successful entrepreneurs, investors, and experts and have been managing marketing campaigns for a variety of niches. Like brand advocacy, thought leadership is a great way to build consumer trust. All these skills have helped them with implementing the winning formula from individuals to small and big businesses through their newest venture “Modern Media”.

Up until Modern Media, Michael, Max and Caleb have been consistently delivering unparalleled results for their clients and have been helping businesses with their digital marketing to increase revenue. However, every time they had set up a new campaign, they used to run into the same problem where their clients did not have enough authority amongst their target market, hence businesses struggled to build trust with their prospects. They wanted to fix this issue from the roots and this is how Modern Media was born.

The founders are experts and understand digital marketing inside out. They have changed the old fashioned campaigns where clients invest thousands of dollars on sub-standard ads and unqualified leads to uncertain social media platforms. Most social media users log into their accounts at least once per day to multiple times per day, giving brands the opportunity to connect with them every time they log in. Here at Modern Media, they keep your featured story professional and informative, keeping you top of mind so you’re their first stop when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Modern Media offers an easy and low-commitment way for business owners to get featured in the online media. Through their Media and PR package, they position their clients as the authority within their niche, then utilize various Digital Marketing and Lead Generation strategies to generate leads for them much more efficiently. No matter what products or services your business offers, Modern Media can help you sell those much more efficiently.

Adding the PR campaign prior to running a Direct Response Marketing Campaign gives much better results. It builds a lot of credibility for the brand, businesses feel great about them being mentioned in the media, their prospects feel a lot more confident purchasing from them, they overall attract a much better quality of prospects and notice a much better overall ROI.

Modern Media partners with businesses who are worthy to be featured in the media. The immediate effect of this is that brands get to leverage the “As Seen On” badge across all their branding, whether it is social media, websites or more. Having social proof drives 50% to 70% of purchasing decisions. When people notice a product, service or company endorsed by big media outlets, your brand value and credibility increases multiple folds.

Modern Media shares their media and marketing expertise to succeed in this industry: First, they interview their clients to get featured. Consequently, they build their reputation, positioning them as the authority and building trust within their target market – resulting in their client’s being perceived as an expert in their industry. Once the media campaign is executed, they will further assist them in growing their business by leveraging the power of the internet and social media. Their Media and PR story can also be repurposed as different forms of content:

  1. They can run paid marketing campaigns with the content of the story
  2. They can display the “As seen on” badge on all of your social media accounts and website for their clients
  3. They are helping businesses to not lose any potential clients due to lack of trust
    1. Businesses that do not have many reviews or have negative reviews
    2. Businesses that are new and do not have many case studies
    3. Brand new business and startups
  4. They are helping their clients stand out from their competition and cornering the market

It is their passion for the industry, in general, which is the driving force behind their success. They just found a huge gap, and for them, if there is a gap and a problem, there is an impact that could be created. Three authentic people that genuinely want to add value and help other people. They always make sure to produce great results and not overcharge clients because they want every business and business owner to have financial freedom, help their family, and grow both personally and professionally.

In a recent one-to-one interview, the founders reminisced on other past achievements, which helped build momentum towards the present day. Notably, one of the proudest was one, out of their many clients who had tremendous positive feedback on having their business increase their sales by 5x after the article was published.

In the same interview, Michael, Max and Caleb stated their intentions for the future. The primary goal is to help 20,000 reputable business owners who are not getting the attention they deserve, get featured and grow during these uncertain times rather than contract. They want to be in three to five years time, working with the biggest names in the industry at the same time showcasing the smaller brands in the marketplace.

Michael, Max and Caleb closed the interview by sharing their recommendation for anybody who wants to follow in their footsteps in some fashion, perhaps, taking the achievements even further. According to them, the key to their success is the fact that they can generate results consistently and effectively. The fact that they were able to deliver results for the right people speaks volumes and will continue to do so for many more years to come.


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