Mike Tindall MBE and Zara Tindall MBE Appointed Global Sports Ambassadors To British Cyber Technology Company

VST Enterprises™ At The Forefront Of Developing Health Passports For UK Sport

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND / ACCESSWIRE / May 29, 2020 / Former England Rugby Captain and 2003 World Cup Winner Mike Tindall MBE and his wife the former World Champion and 2012 Olympic Silver medalist Zara Tindall (Phillips) MBE have today announced that they are to join the British cyber security technology company VST Enterprises™ (VSTE) as its global sporting ambassadors.

The announcement will see both Mike and Zara appointed to the British tech company with its ground breaking VCode® and VPlatform® technology. As ambassadors, the couple will represent the British technology company across the UK sports sectors in rugby, horse racing, equestrian, golf and luxury lifestyle brands.

The Manchester based cyber security company which was founded by Louis-James Davis has also developed a unique digital health passport – V-HEALTH PASSPORT™ – which has been designed for professional athletes and sports teams to use as part of “Project Restart” in getting all sports back to professional competition in the UK and globally .

The VCode® and VPlatform® technology has being hailed as the cyber security’s version of ‘human DNA’. The technology has a number of applications and uses across rugby, golf, horse racing and equestrian pursuits from health passports to ticketing, identity provisioning and authentication. The technology’s innovative capability in the horse racing and equestrian world are vast and include the use of VCode® in bloodstock sales, digital horse passports to provide a unique authentication of ownership, previous owners, blood lines, vaccinations and veterinary records. In the rugby, football and golf world the technology can be used for ticketing and event purposes, security, health passports for players and fans, content delivery and sponsor /brand activation.

Commenting on their appointment; VSTE™ CEO Louis-James Davis said:

“We are honoured to have both Mike and Zara onboard to represent British cyber technology here at VST Enterprises™ to the sports world. Together they are the perfect ambassadors to represent us at the highest levels in sport at a global level.

Mike’s success as a world class rugby player, former England Captain, World Cup winner, and Zara’s winning attitude as a former World Champion and 2012 Olympic silver medalist represent the very best of British sportsmanship. They are the perfect ambassadors to represent VST Enterprises globally as we go through this exciting phase in our growth.”

VSTE also recently announced along with its partner RED STRIKE – the International sports marketing and rights holder founded by former Manchester United FC International MD Mike Farnan – that it was in discussions to kickstart the £24 Billion UK sports economy back into professional competition games by using its V-HEALTH PASSPORT™

The partnership has been engaged at the very highest level with sports governing bodies and regulatory bodies across football, rugby, Formula 1, Formula E cricket, tennis, snooker and horse racing. Using V-HEALTH PASSPORT™ along with approved COVID testing kits, VSTE and REDSTRIKE believe it holds they key to get all UK sport resuming their sporting fixtures and events.

The technology and use of a V-HEALTH PASSPORT™ in UK sport and in particular the Premier League has also been given the public backing and seal of approval of former Sports Minister Richard Caborn. Caborn believes that the technology would play a crucial role in getting UK sports back to professional competition and televised in a phased comeback. As Sports Minister in 2005 he played a crucial role in securing London to host the 2012 Olympic Games and is one of the longest serving and most respected Sports Ministers.

Former England Captain and 2003 World Cup winner Mike Tindall MBE said;

“I am delighted to be joining VST Enterprises™ as a global sports ambassador and to represent this groundbreaking cyber security technology developed by Louis-James and his team. The potential applications of VCode® across so many UK sports are immense.

I was also impressed to learn of how the VCode® technology can be used across so many applications across all sports from ticketing and merchandise to brand experiences and content delivery. The work that VSTE are doing with health passports to help get UK sports teams back into professional competition is also a great idea. I think everyone from across the sporting world would be delighted if this technology could help get sports teams back to their respective competition leagues and complete their seasons.

Zara Tindall (Phillips) MBE, former World Champion and 2012 Olympic Silver medalist said;

“I think the potential of this technology is really interesting and has so many uses across the horse racing and equestrian worlds from horse passports and bloodstock sales to tickets for the horse racing season. We have the opportunity with VCode® to help make many aspects of our industry more efficient and this groundbreaking cyber technology could really have a positive impact. I look forward to working with the team on its introduction and where we can really make a difference. ”

VSTE is currently using its VCode® cyber security technology to work with the UNITED NATIONS as part of their SDG Collaboratory (Sustainable Development Goals) program – to provide a wide range of unique identifiers and technology services to 9 Billion people by 2030.


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About VST Enterprises™ | VCode® | VPlatform® | V-HEALTH PASSPORT™

VST Enterprises(VSTE) is the company behind the VCode® and VPlatform®. Headquartered in Manchester, the company has satellite offices around the world and is operational in 16 countries.

VCode® represents the next generation of code scanning technology – an evolutionary step forward from traditional barcodes and QR Codes. VCode® has an infinite range of applications and capabilities from secure identification and ID, to geo location and geo fencing, asset tracking, authentication and permission based authorisations, fan and customer engagement through to biometrics and facial recognition.

VCode® can be used across a wide range of applications to securely purchase music, video and film content to concert and sports event tickets. It can also be used to screen exclusive film content, sales promotion and marketing and create dynamic marketing and fan engagement campaigns. Its wider uses also include anti counterfeiting and anti piracy. A VCode® can be scanned from over 100 metres, with a 80:1 distance to size scan ratio, at 170-degree angles, on and from moving objects, and upon any multimedia or television screen and even when the VCode® is microscopic on bank notes or minerals. This allows users to access exclusive content, check the validity and authenticity of an item and make purchases while on the move. VCode® provides military grade encryption with over 2.2 Quintillion combination codes.

Supporting the VCode® app is the VPlatform® – a secure cloud based portal that allows users to create VCode® and manage the content they lead to. The VPlatform® also provides users with real time analytics on who scanned their codes, when and where the scans took place, providing vital consumer data. The VPlatform® enables push notifications and rewards to be sent back to individuals who have made VCode® scans, offering opportunities for brands to significantly enhance their engagement levels with their client base.


The digital health passport, works in conjunction with a Government approved Covid-19 testing kit to authenticate a persons heath status after taking the test. The technology, which is GDPR and data compliant, gives a traffic light system to confirm test positive (Red) test negative (Green) and a countdown timer to the next test (Amber).

A person downloads the VCode® and enters their name, address, doctors details, national health number and verify their identity through photographic identity. A facial recognition likeness is then compared against the uploaded identity.

The COVID-19 test is taken at a doctors surgery, medical practice, or testing station and the results are then uploaded to the V-HEALTH PASSPORT™ and verified by the doctor or nurse. Test status is confirmed and scanned to the health passport to confirm negative or positive

Unlike the current contact tracing apps and bluetooth proximity apps proposed by the Government, V-HEALTH PASSPORT™ does not track and trace a persons movements or their location.

The health passport can be scanned from 100 metres on moving objects allowing for compliance with social distancing.

Full GDPR compliant – private information and data is secure with end to end encryption using 2.2 Quintillion combination codes, making it un hackable.

The V-HEALTH PASSPORT™ can then allow entry into the workplace, sports events and music concerts by showing their V-HEALTH PASSPORT™ and its traffic light health status.

For more information please visit www.vstenterprises.com

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