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SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / May 18, 2020 / is a Singapore based startup from the real estate segment. It is an ad-free, keyword-based property search portal that helps home-seekers in Singapore to find their dream home in a structured yet straightforward manner. was established in November 2018 by a group of entrepreneurs who desire to redefine the Real Estate industry. The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of are Gerald Sim. He established this company with the mission to redefine the meaning of ‘where.’ is an advanced property search tool that uses aggregates locational data from Singapore’s Land Authority OneMap and makes it searchable as keywords.’s platform utilizes its knowledge of geospatial data technology and helps agents list all their properties’ surrounding amenities. This is done with just an input of the postal code. Over 40 government agencies have verified this platform, which means that agents have lesser fields to fill.

This portal is all set to revamp how property search listings work. It is now known as Singapore’s Smartest Property Portal.

How Does This Platform Work? uses Artificial Intelligence to simplify the search process and make the matching between home seekers and property owners secure and transparent. The Chief Executive Officer, Gerald Sim, was aware that users are tired of scrolling through multiple search results. Hence a platform was created, which works similarly to Google and delivers useful and accurate search results.

The platform has more than 5,000 custom keywords in its database that describes the characteristics of a property such as “patio,” “west view,” “pool,” and so on. The list of words was gathered from the firm’s research and after taking inputs from buyers, Real Estate agents, and developers.

Success Stories at also offers a Property Concierge (PC) service to people who do not want to scroll through multiple listings or contact numerous agents. The concierge team helps users by being their only point of contact throughout their real estate journey. These agents are prequalified and they are specialized in their field. Before you partner with them, you can go through their past transactions and testimonials provided on their dedicated profile page. Your one agent will be your concierge, whether you want to sell or buy.

An example of’s PC is Mr. Marcus Ong of Century 21 Agency, who has found success on the’s platform. He says, “I joined the PC team in February this year and shortly after setting up my account and listings, I received a promising lead to one of my condo projects. 2 weeks out and just a few viewings with other potentials, the same lead from the first viewing issued the Option to Purchase (OTP) with an agreed commission of 2% at a $2.45M sale price. That was probably the fastest transaction and $50K I have ever experienced in my last two years in the profession, most of all, the seller was very pleased because the previous agent was unsuccessful for after almost half a year.”

Ong further added that what worked very well for him was the portal’s proprietary search method and filtering sequence feature, which helped to qualify his buyer’s standard requirements and ‘added feature needs’ before any viewing was arranged. These features were quite different from the other portals that he had previously used. Not only does provide qualified leads; it has a “sell feature,” which connects direct sellers to their Property Concierge agents. These agents are matched based on his/her expertise. So far, Ong has gotten more than 7.5 million dollars’ worth of properties to market.

General Manager of C21 Agency- Mr. Gerard Yeo supported Ong’s views by saying: “We knew was a game-changer when Gerald presented it to us. We expect to see more successes not just from the PCs but from any agent who manages to utilize what the team has to offer.’s portal features are innovative, and their vision of creating a transparent property landscape aligns with our group’s vision.”

Even in the COVID-19 phase, is helping buyers view property through VR tours allowing them to buy and sell homes from the comfort of their home. The video takes them on a virtual tour of their desired property. They can practically see every nook and cranny of the house; they can zoom in to have a closer look. It’s just like you are actually in the property! aims to deliver a transparent and data-driven platform and become a pioneer in Singapore and at large, Asia.

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