Mymetics and Baylor College of Medicine start Research Collaboration for Virosome-based Covid-19 Vaccines

  • Mymetics has started a Covid-19 vaccine development project based on Mymetics’ virosome vaccine carrier platform, which will evaluate different rationally designed SARS-CoV-2 antigens for an effective and safe virosome-based Covid-19 vaccine
  • Baylor College of Medicine in Texas has developed SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 recombinant proteins and has extensive expertise developing protein-based vaccines from discovery through clinical testing
  • Baylor and Mymetics will collaborate to evaluate the Baylor SARS recombinant protein antigens linked to Mymetics’ virisomes in preclinical studies with the aim to identify and select the most efficacious and safe formulations to take forward a virosome-based COVID-19 vaccine through product and clinical development

EPALINGES, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / May 18, 2020 / Mymetics Corporation (OTCQB:MYMX), a pioneer and leader in the research and development of virosome-based vaccines against life threatening and life disabling diseases, announced today that its subsidiary, Mymetics BV, has signed a Research Collaboration Agreement with Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Center for Vaccine Development for evaluating their rationally designed recombinant protein-based SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 antigens and combining them with Mymetics’ virosomes for the development of a safe and effective Covid-19 vaccine.

Since the end of April, Mymetics has started a project for the rapid development of a Covid-19 virosome-based vaccine and is thereby partnering with leading academic institutions to explore and select the best SARS-CoV antigens, which could not only be efficacious in protecting against Covid-19 but also safe, affordable and accessible for use in the global population.

Baylor College of Medicine in Texas is a leading institution with a track record for developing low cost, safe and effective vaccines against emerging and neglected tropical diseases through collaboration with the Texas Children’s Center for Vaccine Development. The vaccine center already has been successful in developing potential vaccine against SARS-CoV and with this expertise has already initiated development of a SARS-CoV-2 recombinant protein-based vaccine.

“Our vaccine center has traditionally focused on advancing recombinant protein-based vaccines, but we recognize that for them to be effective, appropriate delivery platforms need to be considered, especially to ensure long-term immunity. Through the collaboration with Mymetics we will evaluate the coupling of our COVID-19 vaccine candidates to their flexible carrier to bring a new dimension towards accelerating vaccines for global access,” said Dr. Maria Elena Bottazzi, Professor, Pediatrics & Molecular Virology & Microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine and co-director of Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development.

“There is no question that if we want to get back to a life as before and a normal functioning economy, the world needs the rapid development of a safe and efficacious vaccine against Covid-19. The only serious way to get there fast is to have global collaborations to bring cross functional expertise together, establish result focused projects to explore and select the best vaccine candidates coupled with safe platform technologies and move them forward to clinical trials,” said Ronald Kempers, CEO of Mymetics Corporation. “Mymetics virosomes have proven to be a safe, efficacious and flexible vaccine carrier with other infectious diseases and we believe, with the right antigens and the right collaborations, we can have a serious attempt at developing a virosome-based Covid-19 vaccine. We are very much looking forward to this collaboration with the team at Baylor College of Medicine.”

This collaboration is supported through the combined resources of Mymetics, Baylor and Texas’s Children’s Center for Vaccine Development and covers the initial preclinical development. To speed-up the development of a potential Covid-19 vaccine, Mymetics and Baylor are seeking additional funding opportunities to start in parallel the GMP manufacturing and preparations for clinical trials. The aim is to have a virosome-based Covid-19 vaccine candidate evaluated in humans within 12 months.

About Mymetics

Mymetics Corporation (OTCQB:MYMX) is a Swiss based biotechnology company, with a research lab in the Netherlands, focused on the development of next-generation preventative vaccines for infectious and life disabling diseases. It currently has several vaccines in its pipeline, among which are the HIV-1/AIDS, intra-nasal Influenza and malaria, and collaborative projects in the field of allergy immunotherapy and in oncology.

Mymetics’ core technology and expertise are in the use of virosomes, lipid-based carriers containing functional fusion viral proteins and natural membrane proteins, in combination with rationally designed antigens. The company’s vaccines are designed to induce protection against early transmission and infection, focusing on both the mucosal and serum immune response. For further information, please visit

About Baylor College of Medicine

Baylor College of Medicine in Houston is recognized as health sciences university and is known for excellence in education, research and patient care. It is the only private medical school in the greater southwest and is ranked 22nd among medical schools for research and 4th for primary care by U.S. News & World Report. Baylor is listed 20th among all U.S. medical schools for National Institutes of Health funding and No. 1 in Texas. The Baylor pediatrics program ranked 8th among all pediatric programs, reflecting the strong affiliation with Texas Children’s Hospital where our faculty care for pediatric patients and our students and residents train. Nationally our physician assistant program was ranked 3rd in the health disciplines category and our nurse anesthesia program ranked 2nd. Located in the Texas Medical Center, Baylor has affiliations with seven teaching hospitals and jointly owns and operates Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center, part of CHI St. Luke’s Health. Currently, Baylor has more than 3,000 trainees in medical, graduate, nurse anesthesia, physician assistant, orthotics and genetic counseling as well as residents and postdoctoral fellows. Follow Baylor College of Medicine on Facebook and Twitter.


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