New Men’s Program Provides a Holistic Approach to Health, Spirituality, and Business

Matt Shakir launches new program to transform people’s lives

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 27, 2020 / When Matt Shakir quit his job in Corporate America in 2017, he spent the next six months traveling the world and participating in experiences like a yoga teacher training in Thailand. Motivated by the stark contrast between the “traditional” career life and his newfound belief that anyone can create the most vibrant life that they desire, he knew he was being called to serve in a new way. So, he recently launched the first iteration of his program for men who want to be in charge of their lives in a new way: The Convergence.

“I knew it was the right time to launch it with everything going on in the world,” Shakir reflected. “It was put on my heart to start the program one day walking through Red Rocks, and I never could shake the nagging feeling that it was my responsibility to offer this program.” Shakir heeded the call and started the program just a few months ago.

Unlocking Momentum through Deconstruction and Goal Setting

Offered specifically for men who are ready to unlock the next versions of themselves, the program is intended to be a full deconstruction of where each participant’s life is. “I have each participant rank each category of their life — health, spirituality, work, income, family — and set goals,” noted Shakir. Then, they do a combination of energy work, ego work, and self-led assignments on a weekly basis. One call per week is for coaching, and another is for teaching.

“It was important to me to help intentional men create a full audit of where they want to go, then build a bridge to get there. The program covers everything from building a sustainable morning routine to attracting clients to manifestation,” Shakir said. His first program features a tight knit community of six men – a “brotherhood,” as he called it. “It’s been interesting to notice the different themes that come up each Sunday evening on the live coaching mastermind call,” he reflected. “There’s usually one core theme that everyone is dealing with.”

Throughout the weeks, participants also participate in a weekly check-in and an ego integration. So far, the results have been considerable, with students finding new confidence and power in themselves, their goals, and their ability to take action to create the lives they most want to live.

Shakir believes that everyone is the solution to the life they want to live, and that by matching the belief in their power with their action, momentum can be unlocked in a profound way.

About Matt Shakir:

Matt Shakir is a passionate entrepreneur and international life and business coach who has gone through massive struggles in his own life while still being able to achieve high level results along the way. Throughout his life, he’s succeeded in numerous sales roles in multiple industries and found an underlying theme to want to serve others, helping them uncover their innate talents alongside their greatest capacity and fulfillment, while achieving their goals and finding their true passions for life. For more information, please visit


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