ONE Tech Launches Edge AI Strategy with Enhancements to Core Solutions

MicroAI™ and MicroAI™ Helio help organizations achieve deeper insights into device and equipment behavior

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ONE Tech, a global leader in edge AI technology, today announced its strategy to help organizations reduce operational inefficiencies, improve industrial production, and enhance security and privacy to IoT applications through an advanced portfolio of edge AI software solutions. The company’s award-winning MicroAI™ technology is used by enterprises and OEMs worldwide as a tool to achieve deeper insights into the behavior of devices, machines and processes within their organizations.

ONE Tech’s MicroAI is a sophisticated machine learning algorithm that lives directly on a targeted machine or IoT device and allows enterprises to eliminate unexpected downtimes associated with maintenance issues and cyberattacks. Unlike traditional AI solutions that originate or reside only in the cloud, MicroAI is configured and trained on the network edge. This enables real-time analytics and alerts that optimize asset performance, increase security and improve worker safety.

In a manufacturing environment, for example, there are thousands of sensors on hundreds of pieces of equipment that report in different data. Transferring all of that data to the cloud for processing and responsive action is time consuming, expensive and may compromise security. By training and processing at the edge, MicroAI eliminates those concerns.

ONE Tech has enhanced MicroAI with a new version called MicroAI Atom that runs directly on microcontroller unit (MCU)-based devices. This allows constrained compute devices to train and run AI models that they have not been able to run before. The result: deployments have lower associated hardware costs.

ONE Tech’s MicroAI™ Helio is ONE Tech’s Server that allows organizations to deploy MicroAI on multiple devices simultaneously, enabling performance benchmarking, health data visualizations, field service workflows and more. Helio is available in three tiers:

  • Helio: Allows benchmarking across an organization’s equipment and devices by networking all its data into a single MicroAI hub. Enables features such as Lifecycle Management, Warranty Compliance Tracking and AI-driven Predictive Maintenance.
  • Helio Advanced: Allows visualization across an organization’s equipment and device performance data on user friendly dashboards with built-in reporting capabilities. Enables additional features of Helio, and adds features including Device Management, Remote Monitoring and API Management, plus mobile access.
  • Helio Enterprise: Allows an enterprise to optimize how it services its assets. Organizations can build workflows and event triggers that empower dispatch and technician teams to better respond to operational events while simultaneously improving the customer experience. Enables additional features of Helio, and incorporates capabilities such as Automated Dispatch, Fleet/Technician Tracking, Customer Feedback Loops, Service Contract Management and Sales Enablement.

ONE Tech has enhanced Helio with new capabilities that allow users to take data processed at the network edge to the Helio Server to be aggregated with data from existing IT systems for further processing and analytics. This allows more comprehensive data analysis to understand root cause of issues, makes, models or types of assets that are causing the most downtime.

“With MicroAI and MicroAI Helio, ONE Tech is providing enterprises and OEMs unprecedented insights into their most valuable data, and doing so in a way that is cost-effective and secure,” said Yasser Khan, CEO of ONE Tech. “These enhancements make the MicroAI solution much more powerful as enterprises continue to adopt IoT to have greater control over their operations and grow their businesses.”

ONE Tech is an AI company with solutions that sit at the real network edge and help enterprises, OEMs, telcos and network operators significantly optimize the performance of their equipment, machines and devices while ensuring the security and privacy of their IoT environment.

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About ONE Tech

ONE Tech is redefining artificial intelligence at the network edge, delivering powerful edge AI and machine learning solutions that help enterprises and industrial companies achieve deeper insights into the behavior of machines and processes within their organization. ONE Tech’s MicroAI™ technology curates raw IoT data on the network edge rather than in the cloud, helping companies discern valuable data and quickly spot anomalies by triggering actionable insights and alerts. Devices are trained in the local environment, allowing for personalization while providing the highest levels of security and privacy. For more information, visit


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