Paiblock Extends In-App Banking Coverage to US Banks

WILMINGTON, Del.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AI–Paiblock announced today that it has extended in-app banking coverage to customer accounts across US banks, as a Fintech response to COVID-19 outbreak.

“Providing extended coverage for in-app banking is an integral part of Paiblock digital response to COVID-19 outbreak,” says Mark Arthur, Founder and CEO of Paiblock. “Consumers that were relying on ATMs for balance inquiry and transaction history on the go, have been left without a safe and reliable alternative to ATM access.”

As work from home and social distancing become the new normal, Paiblock in-app banking will allow consumers to open bank accounts, apply for loans, access new services, agree and sign bank contracts digitally from home, and ultimately, transform the way people interact with their banking providers during the Coronavirus outbreak and beyond.

Paiblock in-app banking is a bank agnostic feature that lets consumers leverage Paiblock to access their checking, saving and mortgage accounts, view and share balance and transaction history, and send money to friends and families around the world. In addition Paiblock can analyze user spending and recommend new products such as credit cards, mortgages or savings accounts.

“Extending in-app banking to US banks will allow Paiblock users to display all of their accounts with multiple banks from different cities and states in one secure place, giving them a better overview of their finances,” concluded Mr. Arthur.

Paiblock in-app banking is built upon four pillars: a highly personalized customer experience, a robust and secure digital environment, an easy to use app, and an engaging user journey from start to finish, making it easier for banks to serve customers and to drive engagement without investing in frontend interfaces.

About Paiblock Inc.

Paiblock was established in 2011, in Denmark, with a mission to provide a blockchain based and AI-capable payment and digital lifestyle platform that helps consumers gather all the dots of their digital lives in one secure place.



Mark Arthur

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