PetCareRx – and its Founder Blake Brossman – on the Frontline of Helping Pet Parents Deal with the Impact of Lockdown

New York-based PetCareRx is rising to the current challenge of keeping pets properly fed and healthy amid the pandemic.

LYNBROOK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 4, 2020 / Blake Brossman is the type of pet parent who will spare no effort and resources to ensure that his animal companion is healthy and happy. Having lost his beloved Rottweiler Lou to cancer, he made it his mission to provide all the products and services people need to keep their four-legged friends in excellent shape and good spirits. The seasoned entrepreneur realized his ambition in 1998 with the launch of PetCareRx – an online pet pharmacy embracing the philosophy that all animal companions deserve love, quality nutrition, complete protection, and tailored care. Led by its dedicated founder, the Lynbrook, New York-based company is now rising to what may be the greatest challenge most pet parents have faced – keeping their animals properly fed and healthy amid the current lockdown.

“The global pandemic has created an unprecedented situation for pets and their human parents,” comments Blake Brossman. “Not only are animal companions deprived of their regular level of outdoor activity, but it has become problematic to ensure timely food and medicine deliveries, as well as arrange an appointment with a vet in case of serious health issues. PetCareRx was created to eliminate such headaches by guaranteeing that pet parents will get whatever they need at affordable prices and without delay. The closest we have come to a situation like this was the aftermath of 9/11, when we worked non-stop to ensure that everyone had access to quality pet products and care and that no animal remained without a home.”

For the past five weeks, Blake Brossman has been practically living in the office, doing everything in his power to make certain that the PetCareRx team can handle the spike in online orders and maintain a smooth operation. All employees are putting in extra hours, fully aware that this extraordinary situation requires special efforts. Aside from ensuring speedy deliveries, the company is encouraging customers to reach out with any questions during the lockdown, be they related to pet nutrition, exercise, or possible medical problems. “The PetCareRx team is pulling all the stops to give pet parents peace of mind in these difficult times. We maintain abundant inventory and aim for fast deliveries while also making ourselves available to answer questions on specific products, vet appointments, or pet wellness. This company was born from the belief that pets make a difference to our lives, and serving them to the best of our ability in this time of disruption is a challenge we embrace,” Blake Brossman notes.

Established in 1998, PetCareRx is committed to enhancing the lives of pets and pet parents by providing an extensive range of nutritional and pharmaceutical products at affordable prices. The company also offers expert advice through its team of resident specialists (including a veterinarian, a pharmacist, and a nutrition consultant) and connects customers to local pet service providers. Besides food and medication (prescription and non-prescription), the online store sells accessories and apparel, cleaning and grooming products, toys, furniture, travel and outdoor gear, and training aids. Blake Brossman, the founder and CEO of PetCareRx, has devoted the past two decades to making the business synonymous with product excellence and exceptional service quality, all in the name of pet wellness.

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