Pioneering Blockchain Advisory Firm Looks to Buy Failed Blockchain Projects

FGC Group is acquiring, merging bankrupt blockchain projects, offering exit strategy for investors

TOKYO, JAPAN / ACCESSWIRE / May 5, 2020 / Failed and bankrupt blockchain project founders now have a new exit strategy for their investors.

Global fintech and blockchain advisory FGC Group is acquiring failed blockchain in order to provide a groundbreaking way for investors to profit from the digital asset marketplace. In a first-of-its-kind move, FGC Group is merging blockchain assets and reselling them through Blockchains Desk, the world’s first direct ‘second hand’ token marketplace for raising, using, and exchanging tokens, cryptocurrencies, and fiat currencies.

Blockchains Desk provides a secure, one-stop platform for investors looking to integrate digital assets into their portfolios and raise capital while providing an exit strategy for investors of failed projects.

According to Tony Evans, Co-Founder for FGC Group, ‘Blockchains Desk was designed when the company noticed a simultaneous glut of failing blockchain projects, unsatisfied investors looking for an exit, and an influx of new investors looking for opportunities to buy up deals from failed initial coin offerings (ICO), security token offerings (STO), initial exchange offerings (IEO), and digital asset private offerings.

“We are proud to have designed a unique solution that solves two problems at once,” Tony said. “Our platform was created to develop win-win solutions for investors of all types looking to invest successfully in the blockchain and crypto space.” Said Kingsley Kobayashi Co-Founder of FGC Group.

FGC Group has rolled out a number of additional services through Blockchains Desk, including an OTC desk for selling assets and creating liquidity, exit strategies and liquidation connecting businesses with qualified buyers, loans for individuals and businesses holding tokens and cryptocurrencies for both short and long terms, and support for mergers and acquisitions.

To date, the platform has raised more than $85 million for a variety of distributed ledger projects.

For more information about Blockchains Desk and to sign up for free, go to or contact

FGC Group is a global advisory firm managing more than $350 million in assets. The firm specializes in consulting and services for business, digital assets, digital currency, tokens, blockchain-related projects, and crypto-assets. As one of the world’s premier blockchain investment and advisory firms serving both individual and institutional investors, FGC Group creates opportunities for clients to generate and maintain wealth through boutique services integrating leading-edge technologies. Learn more at FGC Group at Follow the company on Facebook (@fgcgroupholdings), Instagram (@fgcgroup), and Twitter (@fgcgroup).

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