Revela Plant Medicine Retreats Announces the Launch of Their New Website

MIAMI BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / May 12, 2020 / Revela Plant Medicine Retreats, a well-known service that specializes in Iboga, Ayahuasca and San Pedro plant medicine retreats, has just announced the launch of their new website. They are a progressive service that searches the world over to find the best places to hold their popular retreats and making an improved website is in keeping with their progressive nature. The new website will help their patrons get more and better information about the details of their retreats and why the company has chosen to offer plant medicine retreats. This new and improved website can be seen here at

Tracy Scott, the founder of Revela Retreats, talked a little bit more about the new website launch by saying, “Like any good service that is run the right way, we have many people who partake in our retreats more than once. We also have numerous requests for information from people that have heard about our plant medicine retreats and are anxious to experience them for themselves. In order to best describe what, how, and why we do our retreats, it takes a website that is easy to navigate around and does a good job of getting our message across. We felt our old website was a little lacking in that area so we decided to do something about that. Judging from what we have heard from our clients that have used the new website, it’s functioning exactly as we had hoped it would.”

Scott says that anyone who had previously visited their old website will immediately notice the changes that they have made. She says that it all starts with how visually appealing the new website is. They chose to go with a website layout that is not overblown with photographs and vivid colors but has just enough visual effects to complement the text on the page. The colors are also done up in earth tones which keep with the all-natural theme that the company’s retreats are centered around. The service’s founder says that they also wanted to improve the simple point and click way to navigate around the website and those that come to the new website will find that is the case too. Scott says that best of all, the improved website gives those who are interested in going on a retreat journey with them, all of the pertinent details that they could possibly want. She added that those who view the company Facebook Page will also see some big improvements with that as well.

The service founder also went on to describe what exactly a plant medicine retreat is. She stated that the idea for sponsoring their retreats came from her own experiences and that of others that she works with. Scott says she herself has had some wondrous experiences that were centered around the use of sacred plants that were thought to have healing properties. The journeys that Revela Retreats sponsors not only are designed to attempt to physically heal a retreat attendee but to also help them nourish their emotional and spiritual sides too. She added that the retreats are not all just about what the plant medicines can do for a person either. They were created to take a retreat participant to a place of deeper discovery. Scott calls this a sense of awareness that brings about a person’s true, authentic self. All of this is aided by the traditional plant medicines that an attendee will experience and the magical dose of adventure that always surrounds those on one of the company’s retreats. She also stated that their retreats are held in such exotic settings as Morocco, Botswana, and Nicaragua. Scott says the locations for these retreats have been chosen because they will get attendees out of their comfort zone and away from places of familiarity. This will enable those who attend an event to have a much deeper experience.

Scott encourages anyone interested in going on a natural plant medicine adventure to contact Revela plant medicine Retreats by phone, email, or by filling out the form on the new website.

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