Rolls-Royce signs Iotics to power its Digital Twin Technology

Rolls-Royce Power Systems adopts Iotics’ operating environment and toolset to expand its digital ecosystem and deliver Customer Service 4.0

14 May 2020: Rolls-Royce business unit Power Systems, has selected Iotics’ technology to enable digital solutions with asset-focused digital twins. Iotics’ technology delivers Rolls-Royce the capability to unlock over 200 data sources, brokering interactions to create digital twins of their in-field assets, and receive real-time event insights across customer, supplier and partner boundaries. As a result, the company is delivering exceptional client experiences and high value services.

Chief IT Digital Officer of Rolls-Royce Power Systems Jürgen Winterholler said, “Iotics’ technology is helping us realise our vision of placing our customers at the heart of everything we do, exploiting digital twin technology to deliver the best service and to enable our customers’ businesses. Together with Iotics we are building digital solutions around how they work for our customers’ needs.”

The Iotics and Rolls-Royce partnership began in May 2018, with Iotics’ technology complementing Rolls-Royce Power Systems’ digital products and services – including the customer service tool Go!Manage. The result was a single source of truth for asset information which enables the vision of Customer Service 4.0. The two companies have now signed an ongoing agreement that will allow Rolls-Royce Power Systems to harness Iotics technology to realise this vision. Starting within its extensive rail ecosystem, Rolls-Royce Power Systems sees the transformational potential of physical products and assets having their own digital twins that securely capture, share and exchange data and controls across their entire lifecycle – powering solutions for the company, its customers, partners and suppliers.

Enterprises are transforming business models, operations and efficiency by realising the full potential of unlocked data silos and real-time event insights streaming across brokered interactions. The transformative application of Rolls-Royce’s vision enabled by Iotics’ technology will drive operational efficiencies across the industry, including increased service life, proactive maintenance, enhanced performance and responsive service provision, reducing environmental impact at every level from engine to network. The Iotics’ operating environment and toolset enable interactions between infinite endpoints, with access to all data and controls, throughout their entire lives. This is the key to the Iotics vision where anything can interact with, and read, any other thing, fully realising the promise of AI and Machine Learning.

Winterholler outlined the potential opportunity for Rolls-Royce: “Customer Service 4.0 means seeing the world the way your customers do, collaborating with them, their customers, and our service partners, to deliver greater efficiencies, enhanced insights and new opportunities, without compromising on the quality and security they expect from Rolls-Royce Power Systems. We have chosen Iotics to deliver the comprehensive secure interoperability we need to make Customer Service 4.0 a reality.”

CEO of Iotics Robin Brattel said, “We are delighted to announce the ongoing relationship between Iotics and Rolls-Royce Power Systems. This is a strong endorsement of our operating environment and toolset from one of the world’s most innovative and pioneering enterprises. Rolls-Royce Power Systems’ vision of the future of next generation customer service, enabled by ground-breaking digital solutions, is inspiring and precisely the sort of project Iotics’ technology was engineered to facilitate.”

The successful partnership between Iotics and Rolls-Royce Power Systems follows the announcement in November 2019 of a £6.5 million Iotics investment by leading European investors: Talis Capital, IQ Capital and Breed Reply.

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About Rolls-Royce Power Systems
Rolls-Royce Power Systems is headquartered in Friedrichshafen in southern Germany and employs more than 10,000 people. The product portfolio includes MTU-brand high-speed engines and propulsion systems for ships, power generation, heavy land, rail and defence vehicles and for the oil and gas industry as well as diesel and gas systems and battery containers for mission critical, standby and continuous power, combined generation of heat and power, and microgrids. Medium-speed engines from Bergen power ships and power generation applications.

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About Iotics
Iotics is the leader in digital twin technology and digital ecosystem enablement, empowering enterprises in their unique digital transformation journeys. The Iotics operating environment and toolset enable interactions between any valued asset – people, places or things – with access to all data and controls, throughout their entire lives. This is the key to the Iotics vision where any thing can interact with, and read, any other thing, where the promise of AI and Machine Learning can be fully realized.

For more information, please visit: or contact:
Ali Nicholl, Head of Engagement, Iotics, / + 44 (0) 7714 429562
Peter Rennison, PRPR, / + 44 (0)1442 245030 (photography available)

Notes for editors:
Rolls-Royce Power Systems Asset-Focused Digital Twin Background
Each Iotics digital twin is a real-time, event-driven virtual representation of a physical product or asset, including its lifecycle, context, operating environment, behaviour, ecosystem and performance. This means that every Rolls-Royce Power Systems physical product will have its own digital twin that securely captures, shares and exchanges data and controls across a range of management systems for use by Rolls-Royce Power Systems, its customers, partners and suppliers.

An Iotics digital twin captures events across the entire lifecycle of an asset, creating a secure timeline for making informed data-driven decisions and allowing unrelated data sources to interact seamlessly. Event streams can also be written to distributed ledger technologies such as blockchain, while Iotics’ patented cloud-hosted middleware brings different data sources together to improve productivity and increase efficiency.

Source: RealWire

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