Roxe: The Next Wave of Global Settlement

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Apifiny, a digital asset marketplace that facilitates institutional access to regulated, global financial markets, has published a new article, “The Next Wave of Global Settlement.

Authored by Haohan Xu, CEO and Founder of Apifiny, this informative article:

  • Takes an up-to-the-minute look at the current state of international payment clearing and settlement systems.
  • Calls attention to the marketplace gaps for cross-border payments and remittances and the challenges for central securities depositories, other infrastructure utilities, and some blockchain newcomers who have tried to tackle the problem.
  • Explains how Roxe, a new instant settlement network built using blockchain technology, is poised to bring new levels of speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness to cross-border payments and settlements.
  • Describes how banks, enterprises, and consumers all stand to benefit from the improvements Roxe offers over legacy clearing and settlement systems, for value transfer of both traditional fiat and digital assets like cryptocurrency.

The state of global settlement is unsettling,” Mr. Xu states in the article. “There is an increasing disconnect between the world that existing clearing and settlement systems were designed to serve, and the actual needs of finance, enterprises, and people today.”

Mr. Xu explores the real challenges of reliance on dated clearing and settlement systems. From global companies that need to transact more efficiently with their customers, to growing enterprises that must pay talent and vendors faster in the international gig economy, an updated approach to cross-border remittances is needed.

With Roxe technology, Mr. Xu shows how the financial world can take on that transformation today. “For both traditional assets and digital assets, consumers and institutional finance professionals are clamoring for a value exchange system that does away with the friction, fees, and inconvenience currently associated with global asset transfer… Roxe is the solution—technology enabling formation of a fully coordinated clearing and settlement network between banks, payments platforms, remittance companies, digital assets exchanges, and trading institutions.”

About Apifiny:

Apifiny is a digital asset marketplace that facilitates access to regulated, global financial markets to provide superior liquidity, pricing, and faster order fills for exchanges, institutional clients, market makers, broker-dealers, and OTC desks. We leverage the latest fintech innovations – primarily blockchain, high-speed trading, and smart order routing (SOR) – to bridge the crypto and traditional asset worlds.


Michael Fertman

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