Said Ahmad on How Lockdown Has Created an Impact on Content Making, Says We are Limited in Terms of Resources

DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / May 14, 2020 / Currently, the entire world is trying to cope up with the coronavirus outbreak and the lockdown imposed for people’s safety measures. Each person is making an effort to stay as productive as they can be to keep going in this hard time.

Though many industries have been massively affected, people are still finding solutions to deal with the economic crisis. One of them being the entertainment industry.

Said Ahmad, one of the most acclaimed digital content creators who has been treating the netizens with unique content says that the lockdown has affected the content making logistically and creatively. He says, “We’re very limited in terms of resources and inspirations as we have restrictions of leaving the house to buy props or even collaborate with other influencers due to social distancing”.

Said adds, “There’s not much trending in the world besides the pandemic and quarantine so we have to come up with content that people can relate to in a fun way! We’ve also noticed a large shift to TikTok and so we have to adapt to that and create a new style of content for a completely different audience!”.

Creating content has definitely helped Said in staying productive and sane during this lockdown. Talking about the whole process, Said says, “We’re also humans and even though the lockdown can have a negative effect on us and our moods, we have to be positive and channel that energy through our videos to make sure we entertain and put smiles around the faces of our audience. We also have to be creative with the items that we have access to around the house”.


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